Friday, 27 May 2016

TBR Tag!

Hello lovelies,

I haven't done a tag, in a while and since I very rarely do TBR or hauls I thought it might be fun to do this one, I spotted this one over on Books and Lala (as always!) and it was originally created by A Perfection Called Books

Here we go!

1.     How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

Firstly, I used goodreads - I have several shelves on there, and for books I want to read I have three shelves; Books to Buy, Books to Read (the ones I already own) and Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Also, I transfer all my books that are on my goodreads shelves to my amazon wishlists so I can keep an eye on the prices, and occasionally (mostly with comic book trade paperbacks) pre-order them. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Intimidating Reads

Hello lovelies,

It's that time of the week! It's Top 5 Wednesday time, as created by the awesome GingerReadsLainey and now moderated by the lovely ThoughtsonTomes over on Goodreads!

This weeks topic is...Characters You Defend!

I know what you're thinking my friends, that is not the title up there! However, I really am not the kind of reader who finds myself "defending" particular characters, Maybe a book overall, and I can maybe think of maybe one or two characters other people don't like that I do, but I actually generally don't like characters that everyone else loves!

Plus within my family and friend group I'm the only big reader, so I really don't discuss books in that way at all, I generally go as far as recommending books. Even when I'm working in the library I don't really have the opportunity to get that in depth.

Just an FYI the ONLY person who jumps to mind is Harry Potter, I didn't realise just how many people really didn't like Harry until I joined twitter and I adore him, and I do find myself defending him on twitter etc (though never directly to someone, more in general!)

So after THAT very long detour, the topic I choose for this week IS...Intimidating Reads from April 2016. I had originally planned to start with this one so it works out just lovely!

So my choices for intimidating reads are...

Friday, 20 May 2016

Zbox Marvelous May 2016 Unboxing!

Hello lovelies,

I have something a little bit different for y'all today; a Zbox Unboxing!

For those who don't already know, Zbox is a monthly subscription service for geeks, each month it includes a t-shirt, Zbox magazine and an assortment of wonderful geeky items including Pop! Vinyls, comic books, key rings, puzzles, key rings, socks and books among other things (see previous Zboxes here) for a maximum price of £19.99.

I am planning to do a review of the service overall, however the post was far too long (hint: it ain't good) so I've decided to show the contents of this months box today, and do the full review of the service in the next few weeks!

This month's box was the Marvelous box and to say I was excited was an understatement because if you didn't know I LOVE MARVEL! I am still on a total high from Civil War (I will have to review it because it was just so freaking good!) but for now, let's see what was in May's box!