Monday, 30 October 2017

Non-Fiction Audiobook Recommendations

Non-Fiction Audiobook Recommedations

Since it's coming up for #nonfictionnovember I thought I would share some non-fiction recommendations, and since I tend to do all my non-fiction reading (listening?) via audiobook, I thought I'd focus on my audiobook favourites! 

Disclaimer before I even start, pretty much all the non-fiction I read/listen to is "celebrity", so if that isn't something you're interested in, this post is probably not for you! Althoooooooooooough, maybe read it anyway as you might find something you fancy (you definitely won't have already read it, will you?!) but also, if you reeeeeeeally don't want to stick around, please come back soon!

The Gender Games by Juno Dawson

The Gender Games is written and read by fantastic author Juno Dawson (so you know you're off to a good start). In this engaging audiobook, Juno discusses her own gender transition, plus society's attitude to gender, and gender transition. It also naturally includes a little bit of autobiographical background.

I found Juno super enjoyable to listen to, and I really enjoyed the overall positive vibe while discussing such a serious topic, which is often tackled with the emphasis on the negative (which is not to be understated, but it was good to hear of a good experience too). 
Thursday, 26 October 2017

Breaking the Silence: Perinatal Mental Health

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Guess what? I'm having a baby!

This news is unlikely to come as a shock to you, as it's highly likely you've found this post via a myriad of social media accounts where I have already been sharing this news for months. However, on the off chance you've just popped in out of the blue, here's the low down: a baby boy is currently growing in my now sizeable tummy, it's exit is scheduled for mid December and we are super excited!

This means at the time of writing this post I am 33 weeks pregnant, with just a few short (or very long if you're me) weeks to go. Now you may be thinking; "what an odd time to start writing about pregnancy! For goodness sake, it's nearly over!" And I get you, I really do, but I'm now ready to tell you why that is, so grab a cuppa (it's a long old story) and let's talk...

Yay, I'm pregnant! Now what?

I am not planning to go into any detail about my journey to having a baby, but let's just say I was flabbergasted and DELIGHTED when I found out I was finally growing a tiny human. I was speechless for the first time in my life (which my husband will happily attest to), and absolutely thrilled, but the anxiety set in almost immediately. It was super early, and I soon learned, there was a LOT of things that could go wrong.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

#autumnreadathon TBR!

Autumn is here and what better time for a readathon!

The #autumnreadathon was created by the lovely Mercys Bookish Musingsruns from today (Sunday 22nd) to Saturday 28th October and features four cozy prompts plus a toasty bonus two;

1. Read a gothic/spooky book 

For this I have picked The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman which happens to be The Bookworm Alliance's October read!

2. Read a non-fiction book that feels autumnal (Mercedes described this as: nature writing or cold location travel writing/memoir)

For this one I'm going to attempt to finish a book I have already started: Names For The Sea by Sarah Moss (a travel/memoir of a family's move to Iceland)

3. Read a novel set in a cold location 

For this I'm doubling up with the Sarah Moss book, but if I finish all the books I choose I might try and attempt to complete this as a separate prompt, so shall scrour my bookcase for alternatives!

4. Read a historical fiction novel 

I am not a fan of historical fiction so I've decided to bag out of this one and use the bonus prompts instead!