Sunday, 27 January 2013

Movie review: Gangster Squad (Retro Post)

Hi lovelies,

Doing something new today; a small, basic movie review!

Movie: Gangster Squad

Who's in it: Emma the babe Stone, Ryan the man Gosling, Sean the forgotten Penn (oh and Frank from Friends awww)

What's it about (in as little detail as possible): it's 1949, it's Los Angeles, there's a gangster (Sean Penn) trying to make it the new Chicago. Then the cops are all corrupt except for a band of merry men (including Ryan Gosling). The gangster and one good cop (Gosling) are fighting over a sexy redhead (Emma Stone). Blood and pin curls and drama ensues and one side will eventually win.

What's to like: Emma Stone being the living embodiment of Jessica rabbit, Ryan gosling being cute AND bad ass, the direction (loved some of the slow mo fight scenes), Sean Penns De Niro impersonation.

And what's not: the cheesy bits, the obvious character death, the hole in the plot that leads then from a couple of hand guns to a trunk full of tommy guns!

Out of 10: 7 - not a classic, but I enjoyed it! Easy viewing, characters to love, costumes to die for

Have you seen it? What do you think of adding reviews? Let me know below!

Much love!

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  1. Good cast and story, however, the movie just never really lives up to its full potential. Nice review Carlyn.

    1. Yes it was definitely missing something! Thanks Dan!