Thursday, 1 August 2013

Top 5 Mac Lipsticks! (Retro Post)

Hi lovelies, 

So I've been meaning to do this post FOREVER but somehow I never actually got round to it. So this is me, you know, getting round to it!

I now have TWENTY-ONE Mac lipsticks (yeah, shoot me now!) and I have to say my favourite finish is Amplified, it's creamy to apply, highly pigmented (hence the name) and last really long! (Longer than the mattes in my opinion!) I also have a soft spot for the Sheen Supremes with some people haven't even heard of, they're like a gloss in bullet format, very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters but better! I am also one of the few people in existence (or bloggy land) not to enjoy the cremesheen finish. It's just thick and weird! 

L-R Angel, Plumful, Ultra Darling, Girl about Town, Up the Amp

Angel, Frost formula - this is my go to nude, which is actually a cool pale pink but any kind of "real" nude just makes me look weird, I carry around this and Hue in my bag but Angel is definitely my favourite. This is said to be Kim Kardashians lip colour and to be honest I can totally see it!

Plumful, Lustre formula - this is a plum (no way!) shade which kinda leans a little bit raspberry. It's a more sheer formula provides the perfect amount of colour for every day wear. There's just something really amazing about this, it's just so flattering. 

Ultra Darling, Sheen Supreme formula - this is my "my lips but better shade" it's a mid toned almost salmon-y pink. It's so glossy and comfortable to wear but last well. Another good every day shade! 

And on to my all time favourites!

Up the Amp, Amplified formula - this is a mid toned, cool purple which is just one of my favourite lipsticks to wear! It's fun and bright but due to my insanely cool toned skin it doesn't look THAT insane on me. I have to RiRi Boy matte similar version too which I also love!


Girl About Town, Amplified formula - maybe of the most famous Mac lipsticks of all time for a reason! This stunning blue toned pink (with a hint of violet!) makes teeth look whiter and just illuminates the whole face, this is a banging shade that brings ALL DA CONFIDENCE!  

I went through my pictures and found some of the shades on the lips, only include recent pictures because I have a terrible memory and don't want to put it up if it's not the right lipstick! 

So there you have it, my top 5, some predictable, some not. 

Do you love mine? What are your favourites? Have a strong opinion either way about certain formulas? Let me know below!

Love ye!


  1. I only own one Mac lipstick...haha! It's Girl About Town though, and I love it! I WILL invest in some more...or, I'll try and win some giveways, hah! x

    1. I bought quite a few of these on blog sale/careful shopping on eBay! X

  2. I love Girl About Town! But sadly I have only worn it once, I defo need to wear it more ahha!