Thursday, 10 October 2013

Life update no. 101!

Hi lovelies,

So as you might have guessed from the title, this is a life update! I've numbered it number 101 because it feels like that to me (how many times have I written this now...) You might have noticed I'd been absent for a while (if you haven't, why not?!) and I thought I'd quickly write a quick post to explain what's been going on!

(By the way, if you follow me on twitter, you might want to just skip over this entire post!)

First of all, the main, biggest thing is I've moved house for the first time in my life (no exaggeration - last time I moved was the maternity ward to the family home!). I moved in with my lovely boyfriend Andrew a few weeks ago now. I moved about 30 minutes drive away from my home, which has us pretty much in the city centre. The main reason for this was to help with my travel to university on a daily basis. It was previously taking me approximately an hour and a half each way, each day which was complicated by chronic illness (I'll skip over the details for you!). Now it only takes me 45 minutes from leaving the house to entering the classroom and a tiny six minute train journey, which has made things much easier for me.

Additionally, I was just ready to leave, for many reasons (I won't go into, as you know I prefer to keep the blog positive!) In many ways, I felt very held back. Negative things from my past would occasionally creep up and surprise me which on occasion would leave me with a heavy heart and a persistent cloud of melancholy. I had worked extremely hard to change my thought processes and feelings so that I had overcome depression and dealt with events in my life that had caused a negative impact, but while I remained in the same (physical) place it would never change in its entirety and I knew it was the right time to move on. Furthermore, from a young age I had my eyes on further afield than my hometown (I also had my eye on many a cupcake...some things never change!).

Lastly, from a academic and employment stand point moving opens up a lot more doors, at the moment I'm going into third year at university (yeah, I don't quite know how that happened either!) and it is time to start thinking about life after my degree (terrifying thought!) and due to my field of interest it will require further study which might not be accessible on my door step. Being closer to a city centre makes more sense for travel to any of those, should it be required and in combination with my wee car I'm pretty well set to travel for work/academia if it becomes a necessity (which lets face it, with the way things are, it is!)

So far I am loving our new home, although the stress of moving while working full time while going back to university drove me to a mini meltdown last week (I went back to my mums and she made my tea, it was all good). Andrew is proving to be an excellent room mate and we haven't killed each other yet (in fairness I think that's due to the fact that our schedules completely conflict and we only see 5 minutes of each other on a daily basis, still credit where credits due...).

Asides from being a seven minute walk to the train station, we're also a seven minute walk to the most beautiful, huge park, which I am hoping to start doing some running in! We're also a literal stones throw away from the local McDonalds and Aldis and in the seven minute walk to the station I pass a Superdrug (my poor, poor bank balance...) I am definitely going to do some home related posts when I get back into the swing of things, I absolutely loved shopping for our home so I really can't wait to share parts of it with you.

Now we're coming towards the final hurdle you'll be excited to know (you could have had two cups by now, never mind boiling the kettle!), this has been a mammoth first post back. As I eluded to already, the second big life event has been going back to university for my third year (BSc Psychology, thank YOU very much!) and I wish they had been joking about the jump from second year (oh, how we laughed when they told us). We have literally been through in the deep end, with no hope for a life jacket.

I kid, it's not that bad but I definitely feel that the pace has changed and that the race to dissertation year is definitely, one hundred per cent on. It's that thing lecturers do of throwing a million theories at you and then going "you'll remember that from the last two years so I've just skimmed it" and you're sat there with your writing hand bloody, your pen run out of ink thinking "Sigmund who?". On the other (non-bloodied, non-writing) hand, this is the year where some stuff is actually interesting; like you get to choose who your essay is based on and you get to run a seminar class (did I say exciting or just terrifying). Also you get to start thinking about your dissertation, which while is a terrifying thought, it will be the first time I get to run my own research which makes me weak at the knees. I just have to make it through third year... Any ideas?

So that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, has been my life over the past few weeks that I have been eluding you. two of lives most stressful events that I being the magician that I am managed to combine into just a few short weeks. As a side note, I am aware that I have still to announce my Benefit competition winner, which I will do by the end of next week at the very latest. I also have another competition coming up so maybe you can forgive me for my absence?  I think so.

As a side note (or a below note?), if you have any tips for dealing with stress, now would probably be a good time to pop them below!

(Also, I have changed my background! I may change my header in the future so if you do that please let me know below!)

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  1. Welcome back!
    Yay for happy new home, shorter journeys and potential running round a park! Boo to third year stress. Alas I have no advice to offer you as I am uneducated (well, I'm not but I didnt go yo uni) but give yourself some 'me time' is my advice. Also write to do lists to keep track of things but put a few things on there you can easily mark as done right away. Like 'write to do list' because then you feel like you've made a start!
    Im SO helpful, right? ;)

    Lauren x

    1. Thanks for the welcome, it feels so strange! haha. I give myself a little bit too much "me time" thats the problem haha! but yeah to do lists are really helpful for me I just need to get into the habit of doing it!

  2. The third year looks so stressful! Good luck just work hard and you'll be fine :) Some times its better to look forward rather than back so the move sounds exciting!

    1. Thanks yeah it's been lots of good things, so uni stress isn't too bad, it's just a big step up!