Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mini beauty haul! ft Superdrug and Mac

Hi lovelies,

Bet you're shocked to see me back so soon! Yet here I am ready to go! Almost, these photos were pretty hard to get as my camera kept running out of battery and I hadn't noticed that out my flat window is a wonderfully bright orange street! Additionally, I'm still getting used to my new set up so's going to look a little dodgy for a while but I hope you can still enjoy the posts (LOVE ME DAMMIT!)

I am planning to do a "house tour" of sorts, but I'm yet to decide on youtube video(s) or pictures, but they will be up in the near future!

Todays haul is sponsored* by Superdrug and Mac (*sponsored as in they MADE me buy stuff!)

Also, I'm able to give a mini review of each product because I've used them already! (bad blogger, not taking pictures before taking them out of the packaging!)

First of all, the reason I went into Superdrug in the first place was those damn cotton pads you can see in the top right of the frame. I only bought the baby ones because people have went on about them being much cheaper but I found the difference was only about 20p and I think theres less in the baby ones? I like these though because they are the perfect size to fit in the jar I keep them in on my dresser (I bought two packs, but the other are already in the jar).

From Maybelline I bought the babylips in Cherry Me, I really didn't want to get this because I found the hype surrounding them rediculous, who needs SIX stick lip balms?! Especially when half of them are untinted? Anyway, I wanted to try this because I love anything cherry scented and I was hoping it would be my casual daytime red lip shade. HOWEVER, it's pink! Which I find really annoying for cherry named products. cherries are RED! The scent is amazing; it's like haribo cherries (a.k.a HEAVEN) and they feel really light on the lips and gives a cute light tint (basically your lips but pinker) however I was really disappointed (unsuprisingly).

Next up is the Forever Strong Super Stay 7 days Gel Nail Color in the shade berry stain 230. I haven't had this on yet but I have used this formulation in the past and it is HEAVENLY. The brush is perfect too, and the shades are opaque in two coats and dery super quickly. Love this formula to bits in all honestly. And this shade reminds me of Macs Up the Amp lipstick (an all time favourite of mine) so I couldn't resist.

Then it was over to Collection who are BY FAR my favourite ever budget make-up brand. I bought another one of my favourite eyeshadow products the Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils in Vanilla Sky I have all but one shade of these now, I have spoke about these so often and they even have their own post here. They are easy to apply, easy to blend, look gorgeous on their own and work as a great base and are mega long-lasting. I have no compliants about these beauties.

Also from Collection I picked up their new Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in Naked 1. Like everyone else I am a huge fan of the Lasting Perfection concealer however I find it too heavy for under the eye as I don't suffer badly from undereye circles (long may it continue!) I also really wanted a clicky-up brush concealer like the rest of the cool kids (looking at you, YSL touche eclat). This is very pink (so great for blue/purple tones), definately illuminating but sadly just a touch too thick still. On the plus side I'm definately going to still use it as it doesn't crease and it ticks so many other boxes, and it's still a great product, just a tiny bit too heavy for me.

And finally to Mac. I was so not bothered about the RiRi Hearts MAC collection, especially due to the packaging (at the time I first seen it I thought it was really tacky). So I completely missed it when it was released, and then of course instagram was filled with swatches and I was instantly filled with regret that I'd missed out. Then sitting at the train station on the way to university one day I got an email to say that some of the products were back in stock, before I knew it the lipstick was in my basket then winging it way to me before I could say "here's my £19.50" (is that price not rediculous!).

The RiRi Hearts Mac lipstick I picked up is the shade Talk that Talk and is a retro matte formula. The retro matte formula to me leaves the lips looking like velvet and is quite drying but so long-lasting. This particular shade however is really hard going to work onto the lips; it needed a good few application before it looked good. In the swatches below it looks very plum, however the shade to me is a true dark purple, that on the lips can look almost black. Definately not to everyone but I absolutely love it, even though I won't get a massive amount of wear out of it, I totally don't regret buying it!

Below are some (not very ideal) swatches but they give you the general idea!

What did you think of the babylips hype? Did you buy anything from the RiRi hearts MAC collection?


  1. The Colllection under-eye sounds interesting... I do love the Lasting Perfection for blemishes but it's way too much for under the eyes! I can deal with a little too much though so might check that one out.

    1. Yeah that's why I bought the illuminating touch but I still find it quite thick. It's a good product though. My favourite is probably the garnier rollerball one as the consistency is so thin and has added benefits

  2. Great reviews!!! I am wanting to try out the garnier roller ball too since I have heard so much about it. Kinda curious on how it works.

    1. it's really nice but one of those thats tough to explain! Have to give it a go! x

  3. Yeah, I agree the hype around Babylips was ridiculous...that being said, I do have the same one as you've got and I find for a low key lip day, layered over a lip tint, its ok. That being said, I think Vaseline's range of the same sort of product are better!

    1. I have actually grown to like this one, but it's still not what I thought sadly! but yeah the hype was redic! x

  4. love this Mac lipstick!