Saturday, 11 January 2014

Aims of 2014! [Pinterest!] (Retro Post)

Hi lovelies,

So today's post is going be about what aims I have for 2014 and a little bit of information about my favourite website of the moment: Pinterest!

Today's post won't feature any aims relating to health as I have a post on that coming up next Friday however there is plenty left to discuss! 

I've been using Pinterest for a while now, and on New Years Day I set up a board called "What 2014 might look like" its full of ideas, wishes, hopes and positive thoughts. Instead of resolutions, I wanted a place to collate ideas because I don't believe in resolutions. For me, its setting yourself up for a fall. You can have a look at my boards here*:

So my aims for 2014 are;

1. Get Crafty! 

Last year, I picked up knitting again, my mum taught me when I was little. At Christmas I made my own cards. Now I want to do more! In particular I want to try quilting (I want to make my mum a quilt for Mother's Day) preserving (fresh jam, NOM!) and developing my knitting skills among other things! There are so many more ideas on my Pinterest board! This is just a little picture of my craft den (in progress!)

2. Be more positive!


3. Get awesome hair!

Its been a year since I've changed my hair and I'm getting antsy. Especially after seeing everyone getting amazing new 'dos at Rainbow Rooms! 

4. Get more organised!

I am the most unorganised person in the world. I want to get on top of studying and money matters. I also want to start a home management binder (can be found on my Pinterest board).

5. Read more books!

I love reading, I always say I don't have enough time but the truth is I don't make the time, so from now on I plan to!

Do you have any aims for 2014? Any advice you could recommend to me for doing the above? 

Let me know below!

*FYI, this post is not sponsored by Pinterest. I actually just love it! 


  1. What an awesome set of goals - I'm sure you will achieve everything you set out to do this year, doll! I've never heard of a home management binder before, sounds very organised!
    Hopefully see you at some point over the coming months :) x

    1. Thank you! I'm sure ill get there! Just keep things pretty open-ended so there's no chance of feeling bad if I "failed" :) hope to see you too, its been forever! X

  2. Great idea & like that you can't 'fail' I too have most of those aims - not been on Pinterest for a while def headin on over to follow ur board x

    1. Hi Clare what a nice comment to receive! :) I think its so important to make all your aims achievable nothing worse that setting yourself up for a fall! X