Thursday, 30 January 2014

BBQ Pulled Pork! [recipe + reheating tips!]

Hi lovelies,

So tonight is a simple BBQ Pulled Pork recipe. I took inspiration from a few different sources and lots of advice from the lovely Carlee on twitter. I use a slow cooker so the times will be referring to that method although I'm sure you could find a standard oven method!

All you'll need is;

2 onions (white is better than red I've found!)
1 can of 330ml full fat coke (not Pepsi according to everyone online, if you know why let me know below!)
1 pork joint (any joint can be used but shoulder is recommended!)
Bottle of BBQ sauce of your choice (or make your own!) I choose this one from Heinz and it works perfectly!

Step 1. Chop onions in thick slices, layer along the bottom of the pot and pop the joint in

Step 2. Pop sliced onions on top, pour in can of coke and cover in BBQ sauce. 

Step 3. Cook on high for 5-6 hours. Halfway through turn pork joint and cover again in BBQ sauce.

Step 4. Remove from pot, put in a large bowl. Remove string and fat and start pulling apart with two folks it will easily fall apart and you'll end up with something like this;

Step 5. Add more BBQ sauce, mix and return to marinade (you can remove onions beforehand, I don't bother) which looks a little something like this;

Step 6. Mix thoroughly, serve, ENJOY! 

Last time I made it I stocked up the freezer and I've come up with a good way of reheating on the hob (I don't have a microwave)


Step 1. After thoroughly defrosting, add the required amount to a small pot. 

Step 2. Add a couple of dashes of apple juice and BBQ sauce. 

Step 3. Stir through till reheated. 

Step 4. ENJOY! 

Do you enjoy pulled pork? Any tips for sauces? Let me know below! 

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