Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lush Sale Haul!

Hi lovelies!

So blog post number 5 of 2014 is still on time, ill take my credit where credits due thank you! 

Today's post is all about what I bought in the Lush Post-Christmas Sale (in case the title put you off...). Now I'm not into Boxing Day sales at ALL (S/S from 2012 no thank you!) but I do love a Lush sale because a) they rarely do sales, b) I know ill use it (unlike that neon yellow halter neck circa 2009) and c) IT'S HALF PRICE, (WO)MAN! 

In saying all that, I limited myself to a maximum spend of £20. One thing to note amidst all the LUSH praise is that I was quite outraged at the £3/4 (can't quite remember exactly - I was that outraged!) delivery charge. However, I can't stand sale shopping (all those people fighting over a bath bomb?! ICK) so proceeded anyway and was more than chuffed with my purchases. 

I picked quite specifically, all the items were either back ups or replacements of my favourite Christmas Lush products or ones that I hadn't managed to pick up before Christmas. 

*deep breath* From left to right...:

Father Christmas (the bath bomb, not the real one) - giant, colourful and orange scented, I love this guy! 

Bombardino (wee guy hiding at the back!) - all lemon, the smell of this makes me genuinely happy! New guy I couldn't mind to find in-store

Secret Santa - sandelwood and lime-y, another I didn't buy before Christmas, this guy didn't get the best reviews online so waited till he was half price LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!!!

So White - This guy is simple, but awesome. Apple scented, lovely and fresh! 

Snowman - vanilla and moisturising, a delight for the skin (came in one of the gift boxes I ordered, but the wee guy is welcome here!) 
Ponche Shower Gel - THE BEST SHOWERGEL IN THE WORLD. (This guy smells like a party. I mean citrus and tequila!) this was a back up. 

Golden Wonder - this guy is an actual present (spoiler alert - the present is another bath bomb!) when you shake it you can hear it. Huge and citrus-y, definitely a back up!

Cinders - cute mini bath ballistic with popping candy simple but effective, this guy has cinnamon and orange scents! 

I'm really happy with everything I got and will be diving in soon (I'm nearly finished my birthday and Christmas supplies!). Did you get any Lush at Christmas or in the sales? What's your favourite? Let me know below!

Ps I bought these tulips (YAY tulips are coming back) today from Lidl and I just wanted to show off how cute they are!


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