Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Snugglemuffin, Glasgow! #ditchthediet

Hi lovelies,

So I have something perfectly awesome and perfectly me to share with you today!
Last week I was invited along to Snugglemuffin in Glasgow City Centre (George Street, just off George Square) by the babeliest of babes Betty and Bee! 

We were welcomed by tables laden with amazing treats sweet and savoury and after settling down with some pink fizz and marshmallow cocktails we got to hear the story of how Snugglemuffin was born and grown. 

I was massively impressed (and hugely jealous) of Snugglemuffins 21 year old owner Juliane. Not only is Juliane a gorgeous and talented young lady (who started her business selling cupcakes out of her locker at school!) but she was also super lovely! 

I enjoyed a few amazing chicken mini subs, before delving into a range of sweet treats (to be perfectly honest, I think I'm the perfect judge of anything sweet!) oh just for the record, that smore brownie gave me several moments of heaven...

Then Juliane let us have a go at decorating our own cupcakes (my favourite past time!) I picked a berry cupcake to decorate, and I really have to get my hands on this recipe, it was delicious! 

My finished cupcake!

I absolutely loved everything Snugglemuffin had to offer and I can't wait to head back as soon as possible (possibly even this weekend!) I've honestly spent the last week shouting their name from the rooftops and stuffing pictures of my cakes under everyone's noses. I even picked up a price list for buffets as I might be needing one soon...(wedding fun!) 

(One of Julianes amazing creations!)

If you are in Glasgow City Centre I could not recommend this place highly enough! But don't take my word for it...check it out!


  1. Marshmallow Cocktails?! Did they taste as good as they sound? :) x
    - Rai /

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