Sunday, 19 October 2014

Favourite Things Tag!

Hi lovelies,

So this tag is a youtuber tag but I thought it would work well as a normal tag! I left the youtuber rules on case anyone wants to do it on there! I just went with the first 3 that came to mind rather than timing!

The Rules

20 Categories
3 Favourite things
In under 3 minutes
It can be cut and edited
Tag someone else at the end

The 20 Categories

1. Products

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Tressume Dry Shampoo
my new moisturiser

2. Foods

Peanut M&Ms
Cheese on toast with Worcester sauce 
Quorn bolognese 

3. Places

Mums house

4. Things you miss

Old friends
Monopoly hotels!
Living with my mum and dad

5. Things you do when you're bored

Amazon wishlist things!

6. Things you enjoy when its sunny

Ice lollies
Not having to worry about brollies/hoods
That'll it will soon be Autumn :P

7. Films

Donnie Darko
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Fight Club


8. Songs

Faaaaaaaaaar too hard! 

All Muse but especially - Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Sunburn, Unintended, Muscle Museum, Madness, Bliss
Pulp - Common People
Green Day - Blood, Sex & Booze

9. Brands

not fussed!
10. Outdoor things that you like

Kicking up autumn leaves
Taking photographs
Farmers markets

11. Events

Halloween parties
Christmas blogger events
12. Cartoons



13. Buildings

Hillhead Book Club
Kelvingrove Art gallery
House For an Art Lover

14. Anything in everyday life

My bunny 
Watching new tv series episodes!

15. Traits in any person, not just partners

Good listener 

16. Influences

Zooey Daschanel
My parents
My friends from uni

17. Drinks

Pepsi max
Jack Daniels
French martini

18. Experiences

Doing ABA therapy 
My nieces and nephews being born
Planning my wedding 

19. Things to Watch

Big Bang Theory
New Girl


20. Youtubers

If you do this tag let me know below so I can have a read! And I want to hear your recommendations for youtubers & things to watch!

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