Friday, 28 November 2014

High street vs. High end dupe - Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet vsHourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick

Hi lovelies,
So today I bring you a possible dupe that could save you at least £16.41! I absolutely love dupe posts, there is nothing more satisfying than lusting after a very expensive product than when Google delivers you with a cheaper alternative. Now today's "dupe" isn't a straight up dupe, the shades are similar, not identical but it's more about the product feel and performance. Let me explain...
A year ago, when Hourglass Opaque Rouge was all the rage I longed for just one. I rarely buy products from these really high end brands, but the coverage of these products was so favourable, I felt I had to have it. Even more so when I spotted the beautiful aubergine shade "Empress". So after lots of umming and ahhing I bought it! the shade was as beautiful as I imagined, but my good impressions ended there.

The product packaging was dinky and very plastic, not something I normally complain about but it is £23 (at least with Chanel you get packaging to lust after)! The product itself went on nicely enough, and I loved how the shade looked on. However, a few (short) hours later, during a meal out with my partner, I noticed that my lipstick (my £23 lipstick...) was coming off IN MY DINNER. Even worse, when I went to the bathroom to investigate, the lipstick had "rubbed off" (for lack of better terminology) but only over half my lips...which just looked awful. When I tried to reapply the product, it just made matters worse, with even more "rubbing off". Not only that, but to add insult to injury, it was almost impossible to get the rest of it off without looking like the joker!
Talk about embarrassment. So it was relegated to my beauty drawer, to only be used when I was not eating or drinking (ha! me?) and to receive scornful looks every time I opened the drawer. this week. I was watching miss budget beauty's 5 budget berry lips and spotted the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet in 507 Meteoric Matte. I was intrigued, especially since Mikhila experienced the same dislike of the original Apocalips formula as me (I thought I was the only one!). I popped it in my basket when I accidently fell into Boots during their 3 for 2 (naughty).
I was delighted to find that this, was a beautiful berry toned matte lip cream. It applied beautifully, dried completely matte, lasted relatively well but most importantly (drumroll please!) it WORE OFF EVENLY (take note, Hourglass!) In addition, the product was a lot less drying on the lips, and a lot less forgiving to lumps and bumps too!
As I was enjoying actually wearing my lipstick... somewhere in the back of my mind there was alarm bells going off...I'd seen this shade before...then it hit me...THIS PRODUCT is everything I expected the Hourglass Opaque Rogue should have been!
Sure enough, when I dug out the shade of shame and swatched them, I found they were quite similar (with Meteoric Matte being more pink toned, and Empress being pure purple) however the pair are virtually identical shades on the lips!
Even more astonishing (almost criminal) is the fact that the Rimmel product is priced at £6.49 (and currently on 3 for 2 at Boots) and the Hourglass product is a eye watering £23 making a saving of over £16 if you chose the former.
I would highly, recommend the Rimmel Apocalips lip Velvets, and I'm definitely going to be buying more shades. In my opinion the Opaque Rouge are best left on the shelves to be lusted after but never purchased!
Have you tried either of these products? Did you have similar problems with the Opaque Rouge? Do you think these shades are similar enough? Let me know below!

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