Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hunger Games Tag! (Spoiler Alert!)

Hi lovelies,

Since the new film is coming out soon (and I am crazy excited about this fact!) I've decided to make up a tag for the Hunger Games!

Even though I'm posting it to coincide with the film release, the questions are mostly regarding the books because it really creams my corn that most tags are written about the films!

Oh and of course...spoiler alert!

Favourite book?

Hunger Games - Catching Fire - I think the second one of any trilogy is always the best (this applies to films as well!)

Favourite character?

Katniss & Haymitch - I know people always try to go for the most obscure reference here but I really think Katniss and Haymitch are both amazing and diverse characters.  

Favourite scene?

Impossible to chose just one!

Katniss shooting the apple
The mockingjay mass salute in Rue's district (chills I tell you)
When Katniss shoots President Coin instead of President Snow. It was genius writing on Suzanne Collins part and even though I know something was going on I had no idea that was about to happen!


Peeta or Gale?

Peeta - Gale started to really annoy me with being possessive in the second book. It was a really hard choice to pick between them. I remember being very disappointed when I first read the ending with Peeta, but now I totally agree it was the right move for the character.

Worst Death?

This was a really difficult one to chose but both Cinna and Primrose's deaths were completely tragic. I think it's mostly because I didn't predict either of them, I kept expecting them to find Primrose somehow.
Favourite Victor?
I was mostly keen on Nuts & Volts, probably because they're a totally technologically minded, but the more I think about it, probably Johanna. Her character was amazing.

What would your weapon of choice/skill be?

Oh god I'd do absolutely pish in the Hunger Games only two things I can think of that might be remotely useful, word puzzles and the fact that I'm a strong swimmer. I don't think either of those would impress the judges much though!

Best casting choice?

Obviously, I haven't seen the last two instalments of the film so this may change a little but definitely Katniss, Rue & President Snow. They were so perfect for the roles, and basically what I imagined when I read the books. I'm really interested to see Moore as Coin though, and I have to admit Elizabeth Banks makes a very impressive Effie!

I'm not going to tag anyone because I'm embarrassed to say I don't know if any or which of my fellow bloggers like the Hunger Games! But feel free to nick it (and you can answer it based on the films if you like!) Give me a wee link back!

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is out November 20th!

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