Sunday, 8 March 2015

Top 5 Free iPhone Apps!

Hello lovelies,

Today I'm bringing you my top five favourite apps for iPhone. I'm sure most of these apps are also available on android but I've always had an iPhone and I can't say for certain hence the title!

I know it sounds silly, but my iPhone (and the apps it offers) genuinely helps me run my life. It sounds like an exaggeration but it's really not. For an excellent example, I ran the collection of my dissertation surveys almost exclusively from the survey monkey app. 

I use apps all the time, so much so that if a website I use regularly doesn't have a quality app, it puts me off the brand altogether!

Now enough yapping, time to check out my personal favourites! All these apps are free in the app store (basic versions anyway which is all you need!)


Evernote is an excellent application for note writing. It is far superior to the notes app that comes with the iphone in several ways. Foremost, it offers some text formatting options and allows you to add images and documents. Also, the app is synced with an email account so you can never lose your notes. This was one of the reasons I downloaded this app in the first place, as an old iphone of mine randomly wiped all the notes on my phone and I was left panicking. I record all sorts of different information in here, from short notes regarding work shifts to writing the notes for blog posts. Very handy and easy to use and comes with dictation!


I pretty much solely use Pixlr for editing any and all pictures. This wee app is constantly evolving and developing, adding new features all the time. The desktop site is also just as good and free to use. This in my opinion, is the best free photo software available for iPhone.


This is a simple wee app that helps remind you to practise mindfulness on a daily basis, Each day it offers a 10 minute guided meditation. There are several good apps that offer something similar, however I picked this as my favourite because it has the best voice! Another app to consider for this is the Mindfulness Daily app, good if you'd prefer the option of shorter or longer sessions.


Hands down, WeQ4u is the best app I have ever come across. This app allows you to phone toll numbers (i.e 0845) free of charge!!! This app has saved me an absolute fortune (easily in the region of hundreds of pounds!) over the years and if I could recommend you download one app from today's selection it would most definitely be this one!


This little app is pretty self explanatory, it is for keeping track of your wedding plans. There's a lot of these apps out there, but much like the majority of the wedding business, they generally cost. This free version has all you'll ever need.

There are also several other apps I use more regularly but they are very well known already but I thought I'd mention them here:

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, my EE, Blogger, Pinterest, Goodreads, Amazon

These are all apps which regularly work smoothly and are very user friendly! My EE is great for making sure you don't go over your data allowance and while the Blogger app is limited, it does allow to pretty decent blogging on the go. I use it to write most of my ideas down for a post and upload any iPhone photos and then do the editing on my PC. It's a real timesaver!
 You can find all of the above apps in the iTunes app store, unfortunately I can't link to them but you can find them just by searching for the name of the app in the app store.

Do you have any favourite apps? Do you love/hate any of the above? Let me know below! 

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