Saturday, 4 April 2015

Plus Size Design Fails!

Hi lovelies,

Ok so this is a totally new type of post for me and it's just a bit of fun so please don't take it too seriously! 

I was inspired by Betty Pamper's 5 Fat Fashion Failures, because oh my loooooord there are far too things that I want from plus size fashion that I'm not getting, and I'm getting far too many things I don't want!

First of all I want less of:

Hanky hems

Why would I want my top to look like a hanky??? Because they are such appealing pieces of fabrics, something to wipe away snotters? Ew. But in all seriousness, they're annoying to iron and the hem always start rolling up. Not good!

Bubble hems

I have no idea why these were invented, and I have even less of a clue why plus size retailers force it on us. I just find them deeply unflattering and uncomfortable. Not the look or feel I'm after thank you! (Ps I have already have a bubble butt I really don't need a bubble hem!)

Butterfly patterns

you know, until I had to start buying from plus size retailers I didn't mind butterfly patterns. But why on earth does EVERYTHING have to be covered in butterflies?? I'm not saying get rid of it altogether but if we could just tone it down a bit that would be great thanks. (On a side note, on many occasions I have seen butterfly print bubble hem tops, just NO!)

And then I want more:

Affordable brands

Why is there such a lack of affordable plus size brands? I always struggle with this as I'm a student saving for a wedding. It doesn't make sense to me either as any decent affordable plus size brand would make an absolute mint as they are so rare!

Dresses with proper waist lines 

This is a totally personal one. I love my waist. I'm sure other lovely fat ladies love their waist. Let us show them off eh? I don't want to wear a sack with no shape THANK YOU! (And no, empire lines are not waist lines...but good try!)

(Also, if you could stop assuming all plus size women have  massive boobs, tiny arms and are 10 feet tall that would be awesome too!!)

What can you not stand about plus size fashion? Get all your aggressions out below! 

FYI you can see my favourite ever perfect dress style from New Look!


  1. haha butterflies. Soo true. That really made me laugh, and my sister wonders why I dislike butterfly patterns so much.

    1. So glad someone else agrees with have to laugh eh?? Haha! X

  2. Hahaha, I love this post! I HATE butterflies on everything. Hanky hems are the bane of my life and hanky hems make me want to set them on fire. xx

    1. Maybe if we start doing that they might get the message haha!