Thursday, 21 May 2015

Links I Loved! #1

Hello lovelies,

and welcome to another brand new post for y'all! Today I am sharing the love and sharing with you some of my favourite posts that I have happened across in the last few weeks. Prepare to salivate, do some deep thinking and learn some new tricks for here is the links I loved issue number 1!

If you like these types of posts, I'd definitely check out similar posts from Fizzy Peaches, Becky Bedbug and Mo'adore!

In addition to loadsa links, I'm going to share my favourite random image I have taken recently in this post, because what's life without whimsy?

So please enjoy this snap of my bunny Cookie, hiding amongst our DVDs...

First of all, let's get the delicious food out the way because let's face it, we need something to dream of for the weekend! First off, Chocolatey Moosey always has me hankering after whatever she's making, but I'm definitely going to be trying these Apple Butter Cream Cheese Danishes, c'mon let's be honest is there a word in that title that isn't amazingly tasty?? Hard to believe these are made from frozen pastry!

And then there's a fab review of the new Sugar Dumplin' restaurant in Glasgow courtesy of the wonderful Miss West End Girl. Once you've finished being awestruck of how amazing she looks in that pink dress, check out that d├ęcor and food?! Hard to believe this is in Glasgow city centre, I'll definitely be hitting this up as soon as possible!

Last off, and literally just for indulgence sake because I am no where near Brighton, check out Fizzy Peaches post on the Brighton Foodies Festival. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to go to Brighton, and after seeing THIS post, I'm pretty sure Brighton is made for me...(also, cute pug pics make this post the ultimate indulgence read...)

And now for something completely different...

Let's talk subscription boxes! First out how amazing is this Meowbox entirely for cats reviewed by the awesome She Might Be Loved, I've seen quite a few for dogs, but why should cats be left out?? In a slightly (very) different vein, I am loving this subscription box series from Inanity and the Girl where Dawn rates all sorts of unusual sub boxes, I'm loving this stationary box in particular, you never know when you might need a card to send (or you never know when you'll forget someone's birthday...ooops!)

ok now let's talk super useful posts...

Terri (from Hello Terri Lowe) is one of my favourite bloggers for all kinds of reasons, but one of those very good reasons is she gives awesome blog advice for FREE. Recently, Terri tackled the issue of blogger samples, what different kinds they are and what they really mean. I found this really useful, but I think it'd also be a great post for newbies!

Another very useful post comes from the lovely Mo'adore, who runs one of the (in my opinion) most trusted and long running cruelty free blogs on the web. Morag recently uploaded an updated cruelty free beauty brands list which is so incredibly useful (as you will know if you've ever tried to find out which brands as cruelty free) because it is really hard to get a complete list of cruelty free brands.

Lastly, I really want to finish on a bit of a thoughtful note...

I was really moved by Callie (From the Corners of the Curves) post on being plus-size on South East Asia. As someone who has always wanted to travel there I found this really interesting (and quite emotional at times). Callie was really honest about her worries, her reactions and how she dealt with them, and it's easy to see why Callie is one of the nations favourite plus-size bloggers. Also, these pictures are incredible! Lastly, if you haven't already I highly recommend you check out plus-size wars, to see Callie and other plus-size bloggers flying the flag for the fats!

Did you enjoy any of these posts? What are your favourite posts? hit me up with some links below, share the love!

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