Thursday, 28 May 2015

TV Guide: What To Watch on Netflix UK!

Hi Lovelies,

So today I want to share with you my top picks on Netflix. I have the UK version and I'm constantly seeing people recommending shows that are only available on the US version, so I thought I'd remedy a little bit of that myself! So I have some short snappy reviews of my top 3 TV series currently showing on UK Netflix!

1. Brooklyn Nine Nine
Bless you, Netflix for this gem. This just appeared on my Netflix one day, it was a comedy cop show with a diverse cast, need I say more?
Ok I will. Brooklyn Nine Nine is about a police squad in Brooklyn (the 99 funnily enough) and it is a laugh riot. This is jammed full of dry sarcasm, both realistic and ridiculous plots and some amazing slap stick moments. To be honest, I can't really think of a comparison for this one (which is a great thing) but if you enjoy straight up comedy with a slightly different twist I would 100% recommend, basically if you're going to watch just one of these, please let it be this one!

Ps. if you don't dance during the intro, you can have your money back...

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt NBC Netflix

2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I'm going to admit I hated this series at first. I watched the first episode couldn't stand it and resolved never to watch it again. However, a few weeks ago I was really bored with my current TV shows so I decided to stick it back on and I was pleasantly surprised.

The show is about a "mole-woman" who has been kept underground for over a decade who breaks out, and decides to go "make it on her own" in New York City. It is full of sarcasm and slap stick - quite British comedy, but accessible for anyone if you can make it past the first episode. I also love the fact that this is so positive, you always leave an episode feeling good about yourself, even if it's about a questionable topic! You'll probably enjoy this if you enjoy something like New Girl.
3. Community

Community has been on my to watch list for the longest time and I'm totally regretting that I didn't watch it sooner.

This one is about a group of misfits who are at community college to do their college degrees. It's more of an acquired taste, there's video game, stop motion animation and cartoon episodes. I have a feeling if you like Always Sunny, you'll like this and vice versa. The quality of the episodes do drop after writers and Chevy Chase leave around the end of season 4 (see the internet for the rumours behind that!) however it's still watchable. Only 5 seasons are available on Netflix as this was picked up for a 6th season by Yahoo, which began airing in March this year.
What your favourite Netflix show? Am I the only one without US Netflix? What do you think of these shows (if you've seen them already)? Let me know below!



  1. Great picks, I've not watched Community yet, will have to remember that one!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

    1. I'm glad you decided to watch this was loving watching your community convo on Twitter haha! X