Tuesday, 28 July 2015

TV Guide: What To Watch on Netflix UK: Episode 2!

Hi lovelies,

So I have decided to make my Netflix UK recommendations a regular thing, and I have three more fantastic shows to share with you this time around, so get the popcorn in the microwave and prepare to binge watch!

1. 3rd Rock From the Sun

So who remembers this gem from our childhood? I was obsessed with 3rd Rock back in the day so I was delighted to see all 6 seasons (that's every episode ever aired) appear on Netflix and immediately set out to watch them all as fast as possible! For those of you who are unlucky enough NOT to have been around when this was on TV, this is about aliens coming to earth and learning to blend in with a combination of disastrous and of course hilarious results.

If you like Joseph Gordon Levitt, nostalgia or comedy with a bizarre twist then this one is definitely for you!

2. Daredevil

Remember when Marvel put a foot wrong? Nah me neither. This is a spectacular Netflix Original Series reinvention of Marvel's comic book hero Daredevil and from what I know (or learn from comicbookgirl19) it sticks pretty close with the original story. This is dark, gritty and intense, with lashings of kick ass martial arts and straight up gore. Season 1 is ready for your viewing pleasure now, and if you start watching now you might just get in before the hype!

NSFW or the kids...but if you like comic books, graphic violence and brooding attractive men (hint I do) then this will bring you serious enjoyment.

3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Fuck sorry, but I had to include this bunch of bastards, even if pretty much everyone already knows about it, and has probably watched them all already. This show is literally about a bunch of selfish, narcissistic, sometimes blood-related bastards who are just making their way through life and destroying people in fires as they see fit (no really). It's funny, and at times brutal but this is comedy gold. Oh and btw...prepare for the swears. This series just wrapped up it's 10th season (1 through 9 are available on Netflix) and it's possible there will be a season 11, so you might not be the absolute last one on the bandwagon for this one!

If you love Charlie Day (hint...guess the fuck what, I do), feeling uncomfortable with your comedy then get ready for 9 seasons of what you love served cold.

[Side note: this series was saved by Danny DeVito and that alone means it deserves a watch.]

Have you check out any of the above? Let me know if you love them or hate them (or even if you're just going to watch them now thanks to my kick ass reviews...) below!



  1. I love, love, love It's Always Sunny.... I always thought I was the last person to ever watch it. I'd never even heard of it til last year, completely hooked now! Daredevil is next on the Netflix watch list :)


  2. Ahh no way, Andrew only got me watching it at the end of last year so I thought it was ME who was the last ever person to watch it!! Haha! Xx