Friday, 4 September 2015

Can you count on calorie counting?

Hello lovelies,

So today I bring you a somewhat controversial topic for a plus size blogger to be writing about and this is (pause for effect...) calorie counting. Why is this topic important? Why am I writing about it? Well the reason I'm talking about it is because fat people (like me) are really under the microscope at the moment, and so, so, SO very often I hear the phrase;

(thank you to old mean hates-everyone-Hopkins for that ingenious one).

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The thing is, we very often have ourselves convinced that it's just big old bad-mouthing celebrities and diet pushers that say these things, but let's be real, how many times have you heard the average joe say something remarkably similar (twitter being excellent evidence of this particularly after any show regarding health/school dinners/food/plus size/women has been on the telly).

The interesting thing this true? If you took all the people in the world and fed them exactly 1200 calories and forced them to do 30 minutes of exercise three times a week (I'm sure I've seen this on a show somewhere...) would we all be exactly the same shape and size? 
The answer is NO!

Just for fun, let's just consider a few factors, like; gender, height, employment, geographical location, physical and mental health? Even if we think about these shows that put people through that torture up there, does everyone lose weight at the same rate? NOPE.

So from a common sense standpoint, it's obvious that calorie counting is not the only  or most beneficial solution to being healthy, and even more important than just plain old common sense...the evidence also overwhelming supports the position that calorie counting is not an effective way to lose weight and/or be healthy.

Furthermore, calorie counting can be downright dangerous for your health and well being. For example, in the recent past, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder (binge eating disorder) and it is pretty dangerous for my health and wellbeing for me to calorie count, and this similar in all eating disorders.

The fact of the matter is, there are other ways to get healthy (and to lose weight if that's what you want to do!) and let's be real; health is not entirely defined by the number on the scales, or the calories taken in, it's wholly possible to be a healthy fat person, as much as it is possible to be an unhealthy slim person!

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Admittedly, there are times (like right now in fact!) where I get to a point where I'm uncomfortable with my size. However, it's more about how I feel than what I weight, and that doesn't mean my aim is to be a size 10, because I can be healthy and big!

For me, when this happens my main goals are;
  1. increase my intake of fruit and vegetables (good for my skin and an energy boost!)
  2. be more active (I like to be able to keep up with my wee nephews!)
  3. decrease binging (I can't stop it, but I can work to reduce it, and deal with it!) 
If I can keep on top of these three, I'm happy as a clam!

Do you believe that calorie counting is beneficial? I'd love to hear what you prioritise to work on when you're trying to be more healthy! Let me know down below!

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  1. I think it's good to keep calories in mind, but for me it turned to the point of obsession and I was pretty miserable :( Trying to separate when I'm hungry and when I'm bored is the biggest thing for me! And fuelling my body with food that will satisfy me for longer. I keep on meaning to message you about the clean9, if you ever fancy trying it let me know xx

    1. Absolutely, I totally agree with how easy it is to become obsessive and miserable! I will do, sounds like something good for before the wedding! xx