Monday, 5 October 2015

Mindful Eating Challenge

Hello lovelies,

Recently I wrote about my feelings towards dieting and counting calories, and if you follow me on twitter you will know that I am currently in the process of subscribing to the body positive way of life - which means no diets. I still want to be more healthy, including eating healthily and being more active, however, due to my terrible relationship with food (see: binge eating disorder) I find it hard to just "make good choices" on my own, without following a "plan", but of course, most healthy eating plans come with the caveat of the end goal being weight loss.

Therefore I was delighted to hear from Corinna over at Joe Blogs. who invited me to take part in their Mindful Eating Challenge. Mindful eating is all about savouring food, which as I've learned through my treatment for my eating disorder can help us avoid binge eating.

I was particularly interested in this challenge as I am a huge fan of mindfulness and it's many benefits that help me deal with the difficulties life throws as a result of my depression and anxiety. I could only see positives in using mindfulness as a technique to combat binge eating and tackle healthy eating! More than that, mindful eating does not limit your choices of food, which is important, as deprivation can be a root cause of binge eating.

In order to take part in the challenge, I was kindly sent a helping hand in the form of a Hello Fresh box, which I was EXTREMELY excited about. The box contains recipes card and everything you need to make said recipes, including seasoning! What a brilliant idea (I so wish I came up with that).

The box contained all healthy, fresh ingredients, and three recipes. I was sent a veggie box for three meals for four people as there was not a two people option available at the time. I used the ingredients to create all three recipes, and then used the leftover ingredients to stay mindful throughout the rest of the week.

Here is a sneaky look inside the box (which by the way, is loads!);

(unfortunately, I lost the images of the meals I made, which I'm gutted about, but to let you know, I made a mean tomato based pasta, a tasty beetroot and lentil salad and some fantastic feta and bean wraps with this stuff, none too shabby!)

I have to admit, this was a challenge for me, as I work several jobs I occasionally need to eat meals on the go, so did find myself sneaking in some cereal bars and sandwiches here and there. However, I did feel the benefits of a huge energy boost, and IBS relief which is the main issues I have when I am not eating healthily. For even just these two reasons, I would highly recommend trying the mindful eating method, but another key benefit was NOT feeling guilty when I picked up that sandwich or cereal bar, it was totally freeing. I'd also really recommend trying out Hello Fresh and while I wouldn't use this every week (simply because I couldn't afford it) I think this will be an excellent service for times where I veer off track with healthy eating, and I 100% plan to use the service in the run up to my wedding in a few months time.

What do you think of mindful eating? Is it something you tried? Also, how about Hello Fresh? Something you fancy? Tried it already? Let me know below, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations when I'm at the start of this new journey!


  1. Hey thanks for a great post. I just ordered my first box, never heard about Hello Fresh before but think this might be exactly what I need:-)

    1. aw that's awesome to hear, let me know if you enjoy it! :)

  2. Hello Fresh is brilliant - I just wish it wasn't so expensive! I love the fact that they send you just what you need to make the recipes, so there's no waste - the biggest disadvantage of trying to eat well, especially when you're busy.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Yeah that's exactly how I feel! Although to be honest, if I got it all the time I would probably get bored with it, I think it works well as a wee treat :) x