Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wee Movie Review: Ex Machina

Aloha lovelies,

Today I'm mixing it up a little and I have a wee movie review for you! 

And the movie is...Ex Machina

Give me a plot... 

Ok so the plot of this movie is pretty "simple", A super smart, super rich computer guy (think Gates, Zuckerberg etc) has invented what he believes to be the next generation of AI. He runs a competition for someone to come and work with him. When the winner (Caleb) arrives, he finds he is to test the AI to find out if it passes the Turing test (which basically tests a machines ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to or indistinguishable from human intelligence). However, of course, things get a little bit weird along the way, and Caleb begins to question his own beliefs about AI, and his hero.  

What I disliked...

Okay, so I genuinely disliked so little about this film. The only thing I found was the ending was not my favourite, I felt like it lacked the attention to detail and thought that had been given to the rest of the film, and it pulled me out the story.

What I liked...

Honestly, the cast in this were just so immense. I was completely drawn in, Domhhnall Gleeson, is amazing and cute and I think I love him after this.

I thought the physical setting of this was incredible, there was so much attention paid to this Gate's style mansion. The plot was completely original, and kept me guessing the entire time. I honestly challenge you to watch this without trying to guess the twist and the end the ENTIRE way through the film. And the twist? my god. Just...perfection.

This film was intense, suspenseful and original. Everything I adore.

You'll like this if you like... 

If you enjoy science fiction, basically. However this did remind me of Never Let Me Go in a weird way. If you like not being able to guess what the end will be in a film, I think you will really enjoy it. Although it pains me to admit it, its not for everyone, I can imagine some people finding this boring (seriously, you need a good shake).

And what do those trusty critics say...

Well comicbook19 was actually the one who made me want to watch it so it's safe to say that my queen of reviewing liked it. 

It also pulled off a very smooth 92% on the old tomato meter over at rotten tomatoes which I really think speaks for itself.

Out of 10 I give thee...


Ex Machina loses a point because I had to honestly admit this isn't a film I could enjoy as much over and over. Books/films with THOSE kind of reveals never are. Nothing like the first time you read Gone Girl etc.

Just a side note on this one, whether you fancy this movie or not, I'd love for you to check out the amazing promotional work they did for this (if you're not already aware of it!).

Check out the promo for this below and if you like it you can buy/rent it right now! Please check it out, it is definitely my favourite film this year, and we really need to support original films!

Have you seen Ex Machina? What did you think? Let me know below!


  1. I saw this and enjoyed it for the most part until the ending. It frustrated me a bit, so we're on the same page there. It had potential that I think it missed a bit. xx

    1. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I still really enjoyed it, I think in the plethora of reboots and sequels anything remotely unique impresses me though! xx