Tuesday, 8 December 2015

12 days of #blogmas [announcement]!!!

Merry Christmas season lovelies,

Today I'm here with a super quick announcement!

*drumroll please*

I've decided to join in on Blogmas!!!

I have been thoroughly enjoying all the Vlogmas videos which made me want to get involved. However, because I've been ill for weeks (hence no posts - chronic illness, exhaustion then flu!) I've decided I'm going to do the 12 days of Blogmas! This will start on the 12th December every day right through to Christmas Eve (hence the 12 days of Christmas!). I know this is not the "traditional" 12 days of Christmas, but who cares it's all fun isn't it!

I know that a 12 days of Christmas hashtag already exists that runs from the 1st December to the 12th December (which is great by the way, check that out!) but I'm not taking part in that 1) because I don't believe in Christmas before my birthday (7th December) and 2) I wanted a more free flowing, no rules type of approach to my posts. Therefore, I will just be jumping on the standard #blogmas tag (if anyone knows who originally created that hit me up btw, I couldn't find anything!).

So I'm going to have a birthday post up here in the next few days, then I'll see you on Saturday for the the kick off of the countdown to Christmas!


If you haven't already started Blogmas and would like to jump in with me on the 12th, PLEASE send me your links, and I'll include you in my posts!

Hope you're all having a fabulous December so far!

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