Thursday, 17 December 2015

Budget Friendly Plus Size Christmas Jumpers! [12daysof#blogmas]

Hello lovely humans,
Today I have a quick post to help you fulfil your last minute plus size* Christmas jumpers needs!
I always struggle to find "nice"/"cute" Christmas jumpers that fit my plus size needs. The council I work for (like most work places) have a Christmas jumper day (which just so happens to be today!) so I was determined to find a nice one, but I didn't want to pay a lot because I don't have a lot to spare!

I got a great one from ASDA (I will upload a pic into this post of me wearing it later!) sadly they no longer have it in stock on the website but I'd definitely recommend checking out your local shops because mines had tonnes left. 

But if you can't make it to a shop, all of these retailers will deliver before Christmas (and offer next day delivery)

So let's check 'em out!

(*I'm really sorry that most of these only go up to a size 24, as we know this is a huge problem with a lot of plus size retailers)


Yup I know this isn't a jumper but I wanted to have one alternative option! This is a good choice for anyone who feels the heat (like me, I have last years version of this) also, I love pugs!

Ruby Fairsle Jumper £10 (£1.99 next day delivery today only!) 

I absolutely would not wear this (maybe in any other colour) but maybe this could be perfect if your Christmas jumper day is a Wednesday (WINK MEAN GIRLS WINK) plus I do think it's a classy option! Plus it has stags on. Plus £10 is a bargain! Plus, plus, plus!

Bah Humbug Sweatshirt £12.60 ( available up to a size 32)

For those of us who prefer to be dark (in heart or clothes) this Bah Humbug is absolutely for you, and a bargain at £12.60! 

I love that this is just a plain pattern with some writing, it's a super cute and simple choice! (Also does this not look INSANELY cosy?!)


I just thought this was a good understated option, and pretty classy! I love anything with reindeer/stag on it so that probably sold it to me...

I hope you like my choices and you've found your perfect Christmas jumper (if that yo thang), if you have a pic of you in your Christmas jumper I'd love to see, link me up below! 

Hope you're having an awesome holiday season, and if you're still looking for last minute gifts don't forget to hit up my cheap and cheerful last minute gift guide!

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