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My Top 6 Favourite Youtubers [12daysof#blogmas]

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 3 of my 12 days of Blogmas!!! Today I thought that in spirit of holiday season - loving and giving and all that jazz, it would be a perfect time to share the love for my favourite YouTubers. You might be wondering why I chooses YouTubers over bloggers, since I don't have YouTube account myself, but I am very visable on twitter and blogger, and I regularly link to other bloggers, so I thought it would be nice to share the love for some YouTubers instead! 

I love all these guys and watch their videos religiously, and I really want them to have more followers, (like they deserve!) so please check out the videos and if you like them, subscribe!

First up!

Nerd Burger is one of the most uplifting youtube accounts there is. Caz uploads really regularly, and her videos are all fun and full of energy. Her videos are mainly about comic books and nerd stuffs (hence the name) and I love how she avoids talking down to new comic book readers which isn't always the case. Also, Caz is from Aussie which is pretty cool because I predominantly follow US/UK channels, and it's nice to hear and see more from other places!

This Oz Comic Con video stands out to me as one of my favourites videos because if Caz's response to meeting her hero, I know I could never play it cool if I met mine, it just made me love her all the more!

Lindsey Rey was one of the first booktube channels that I truly became addicted to. I love how down to earth and funny Lindsey is, and she uploads a wonderful variety of videos including author explorations, graphic novels, reviews, hauls, tags, wrap ups, and genre recommendations. I love that I have found a booktuber that I have such similar taste to, basically, if Lindsey likes a book, I'm guaranteed to enjoy it somehow. Also Lindsey is always talking about other YouTubers and bloggers which I think is awesome, and I've found some of my other favourite channels through hers!

I picked this urban fantasy recommendations video as my favourite, because Lindsey helped me enjoy fantasy, and I've fell in love with two of the book series (so far!) mentioned in this video, because of her recommendations. 

Kiera Rose is a fantastic all round lifestyle channel. I particularly love Kiera because she is so down to earth despite having a massive following. She does a wide variety of videos, covering everything from beauty to lifestyle. I will always have Kiera as one of my favourites because of her outspoken videos regarding mental health. Also, Kiera is vegan and cruelty free, and I'm veggie and CF as much as possible, so her reviews of vegan products are super helpful. 

I loved the Jeffree Star first impressions video, because I love how it was more of a chat than a sale, also I had no idea you could get them over here till I saw this, so thank you Kiera!

I found Amanda's channel through Lindsey (didn't I mention Lindsey was awesome?!) and I am so glad I did. Amanda is another great, fun down to earth YouTuber whose main focus is comic books and graphic novels, but who also does branch off into books too. Amanda did a fantastic 12 days of comics series this year which you should absolutely check out. I also love that you can ask newbie questions about comic book series without being judged, which as I've already mentioned is tough to find in the comic book world! 

I love Amanda's spooky recommendations video, because a) awesome recommendations and b) how cute is the decor?!

I can't even remember how I found Comicbookgirl19's channel, I think this was one of the only ones I found by doing a general search. However, I' really glad I did. These videos tend to be longer, and of higher quality and comicbookgirl19 often does full shows on current comic books, movies or full series. This channel is a fantastic mix of all things geek, but primarily focuses on comic books and movies. I have learn a lot of interesting things about the behind the scenes of comic books and movies which really makes this channel stand out to me. Also, these videos are always really fun, see below for the absolute piss being taken out of internet trolls, on that note, these videos have a more adult vibe, which is cool, cos sometimes you just need some swearing. 

I could not pick an individual favourite video, but if you're going to watch any let it be these, Comicbookgirl19 is so right on about original movies, and the other discuses two of my favourite franchises while doing a fantastic bit on trolls. A+

Last but by no means least, we have the lovely Thoughts on Tomes. Sam's videos are always down to earth but incredibly thoughtful, and I am particularly grateful that Sam is sensitive to all kinds of triggering topics and always warns about them in her hauls, reviews and wrap ups.  

I absolutely had to pick this challenge video as my favourite from Sam's because I could not stop laughing the whole way through it. You can tell she is genuinely mad when she gets it wrong and it's just so adorable. 

 And that's all folks! I totally didn't get to talk about every YouTuber that I really enjoy in this post but I'm really hoping that this will become a regular post of mine.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? Do you have a channel? I would love to check out some new content so please feel free to leave your links below so I can check them out!

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