Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Top 5 Best Audiobooks (I've read so far!) [12daysof#blogmas]

Hello lovelies,
Tonight I am bringing you a quick run down of my top 5 favourite audiobook that I have read so far. I feel like that is an important distinction, as I haven't read that many overall!
There is currently 40% off all books at audible, so if you're not into audiobooks, now might be a great time to start, especially with one free audiobook to get you started!
Now on to the books! 
First up!

Narrator: Wil Wheaton.
This book is set in the near future, when a flu-like virus has left millions of individuals with locked in syndrome, many solutions have been devised in order for those affected to go about every day life, one of the most common being "threeps"; android bodies that individuals can control using their mind. The story follows Chris who uses a "threep" and is on his first day of his new job as a police officer. What follows is a hell of a first week...
I enjoyed this for so many reasons. It was the first book to introduce me to John Scalzi, and the first science fiction book I finished, for that I will be forever grateful. I think this works well as an audiobook a) because of Wil Wheaton's brilliant narration and b) because it plays out like an episode of CSI (which btw I love).
Also, I love how the character's gender is non-specified which I didn't realise until after I read it and someone pointed it out on twitter!
There is something for fans of crime, thriller and sci-fi here!  

Narrator: Wil Wheaton
This book is about an alien coming to earth, looking for an agent to help introduce the new alien race to all of humankind. What follows is a hilarious and heartfelt story between a dog-shaped alien and a mediocre agent.
I enjoyed this because of course, as already discussed, Wil Wheaton is one hell of a narrator, but this story is also just REALLY bloody funny. I loved how it was also had some heart felt messages and cuteness though, I've decided it (like Lock In actually!) is a new genre I like to call urban sci-fi! Is this already a thing? if not it should be, I want to read more!
Looking for something light hearted with a twist? This is definitely for you!

Narrator: Felicia Day
This book is basically a mix of autobiography and words of wisdom for a wonderful geek girl boss.
I didn't know much of Felicia going in, but that definitely wasn't a problem which I enjoyed, too many autobiographies rely heavily on you knowing them already. I found this laugh out loud funny (a rarity for me) which was definitely down to Felicia's awesome delivery.
For geeks, girls and anyone needing a good laugh!

Narrator: James Marsters

The Dresden Files is fantasy series focusing on the wizard detective Harry Dresden, and his life with fae, werewolves, vampires and gangs in Chicago. Basically awesome urban fantasy.
First of all let's address that James Marster is Spike from Buffy, how awesome is that?! Now let's address how amazing a narrator he is. HE REALLY IS! James Marsters is 100% Harry in my mind. Originally this series was introduced to me as an adult Harry Potter, which I didn't get at first, but now I've read 13 (of the 15 available in the series so far!) I can totally understand why people say that, and I'm totally on board!
Fans of urban fantasy will love this, would be great for anyone new to the genre too!
Narrator: Michael Kramer
I should be clear this is the first in a trilogy and as yet I have not read the other two, so here I am only speaking for this book. This book is based after "the dark lord" has won, and taken over the kingdom. This first book follows two main characters, Kel and Vin, as they join together and try to come up with a plan to overthrow the dark lords regime.
This is not one of my favourite books, but I do think it is a fantastic audiobook. It is 26 hours long, and I read it over the course of several weeks, which I think really worked, as the characters were on a journey, and it really felt as if I was right along with them. It took me a while to get into Michael's narration, but I think he did start putting in more emphasis as he went along, and I think his style of narration is perfect for this series.
Perfect for fans of epic fantasy and epic world building, and a good one to listen to if (like me) you struggle physically reading epic fantasy!
And that's all folks! Have you read any of these? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Let me know below! Also, I would absolutely love you long time, if you gave me audiobook recommendations, as I mentioned I've only recently got into them and I'm finding I'm really picky!

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