Saturday, 19 December 2015

Top 6 Films to Watch at Christmas! [12daysof#blogmas]

Happy holidays lovelies,

Today I am bringing you my top 6 favourite films to watch in the holiday season! Since it's the weekend I thought it'd be the perfect time to bring you some recommendations if you're struggling to pick a movie to snuggle up with.

Not all of these are classic Christmas movies, but they remind me of Christmas in some way or have at the very least have excellent Christmassy scenes! 

1. The Holiday
I can't resist some feels at this time of year, but there are very few romantic comedies that I can stomach, however this one fits the bill just nicely. My favourite story line in this is between Kate Winslet's character and the wee old retired scriptwriter, it's so sweet! Also, can I just say when certain character tells a certain character to piss off? the best.

2. Home Alone

Do I really have to explain this one? Can't resist a classic, especially from my childhood. 

3. Die Hard Trilogy

Because there's only so many rom coms and kids film you can handle. JOHN MCCLANE HAD PLANS! And you should make some to watch Die Hard this Christmas. (Also, just to clarify, it IS a Christmas movie, it's set at Christmas!)

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

I'm just putting this out there, because I know there is FIERCE debate over whether this is a Halloween or Christmas film, but I maintain its both. Exactly what you need if you're not into the cheesy rom coms. Also suitable for the whole family!


5. Harry Potter (all of them) 

I love Harry Potter. Any excuse to talk about it, I will. But for some reason I now associate the films with Christmas. I think it might the amazing scenes in the Hogwarts and the comfort of watching my beloved Harry Potter.

6. Mean Girls

Who can resist a little mean girls? When it gets to this time of year, this scene (and the song and dance!) gets stuck in my head until I finally cave and watch it! 

What's your favourite film to watch at this time of year? What am I missing? Let me know below! 

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