Tuesday, 22 December 2015

TV Guide: What To Watch on Netflix UK: Christmas Special![12daysof#blogmas]

Hello lovelies,

After sharing with you my favourite Christmas films on Saturday, I thought I'd suggest my top picks for what to watch on Netflix this holiday season! (because you know, most people have it!)

I've choose to not pick obvious, trending or popular titles (such as a Bill Murray Christmas), or films I've already mentioned, but it's worth nothing that both Home Alone 1 and 2 are currently on!

Now I admit now, you're probably going to be thinking, is this the same person we read every other day of the year, because yes, romantic, soppy bastard comedies do dominate this list, but honestly Christmastime is about the only time of the year I can stomach (and ok enjoy!) the soppy stuff, so that's what you're getting!

1. A Royal Christmas

Imagine the Princess Diaries, but with gender role reversal (topped with lashings of Christmas fun), and this Prince has found his Princess, but she's just a working class girl from America that is less than impressive to his bitchy mother.
This is an American made for TV that is fun to watch, half for the romantic feels, and half for the cheesiness and silliness (see the Jackie Collins mother, or the French royalties with English accents!) This is one to make you laugh (for the right and wrong reasons) and leave you with some happy feels.

2. Clue: The Movie

What could possibly be more Christmas than board games and a good old fashioned murder mystery?
Is it the best film of all time no? Is it Tim Curry being wonderful? yes. For fans of slapstick humour and parody, if you're willing to take life little less seriously and try something different, then check out this strange and funny film.
3. Chalet Girl
Chalet Girl has nothing to do with Christmas, but the snow covered setting of the alps and the heart warming story gives it a Christmassy feel for me. I actually owe this on DVD, but decided to re-watch it recently when it reappeared on Netflix.
A perfect backdrop for the wine drinking and present wrapping combo, this movie brings you the old story of the rich falling in love with the maid (I'm sensing a theme here, am I secretly a wannabe posh twat?!) with a heart warming message about getting over your fears, to get on with what you love. This film can sometimes make you roll your eyes, but if nothing else, at least you have Ed Westwick.

So those are my top 3 suggestions for Christmas watchings! If you're looking for something sorter may I suggest trying out some TV show Christmas specials? The Community Christmas specials are always good for a laugh, and I love when they went out on a limb with a full Claymation episode. Also, if you're Scottish you should know the Still Game (5 series) is on Netflix, now if Still Game doesn't make a Scot feel Christmassy. Christ (gettit) knows what will!

What are your top choices for what to watch on Netflix this holiday season? If you watched any of this, let me know what you think of them!

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  1. Brilliant! Chalet Girl is a favourite of mine but the other two I would never have thought to watch but now I think I will check them out :) xx