Friday, 8 April 2016


Evening lovelies,

So this year, my reading mood seems to be a rollercoaster, some weeks I'm reading 10+ books, and then I don't read anything for a couple of weeks!

Right now I'm in a bit of one of the aforementioned slumps (comic books and audiobook re-reads not included). I was mainly reading e-books for a while there thanks to the Scribd free trial I was enjoying (review of the service coming up soon!) so I wanted to get back into reading my physical books, and what a better way then a cheeky readathon!

First spotted over on the lovely Books and Lala's channel, the Genrethon (original creators: UnderTheRadarBooks, Squibblesreads, ViennaWaitsBooks & Lauren And The Books) is running from Sunday 10th April until Sunday 17th April and the only goal is to read a minimum of 3 books from 3 different genres.

I think this is an excellent idea for a readathon because it's simple and easy to follow! Also, having books from different genres is more likely to keep me on board to be honest!

So here are my picks!


Steelheart//Brandon Sanderson [genre: SFF] 
ok so I've wanted to read this for ages, but I was slightly put off after attempting some of Sanderson's other books. This one revolves around superhero-type powers though, so I think it might finally be my jam.
The Silkworm//Robert Galbraith [genre: Mystery/Crime/Thriller]
I read the Cuckoo's Calling a while ago, and to be honest, I just want to catch up now I know it's going to be a series, rather than a trilogy (seen that coming a MILE off btw...). I'm probably tripping myself up by picking such a big book while I'm currently in a slump, but I can just eat up J. K Rowling's writing (oh wait...THAT'S who wrote this?!)
Everything. Everything//Nicola Yoon [genre: YA contemporary]
Admittedly, I've been having a surprisingly good time with YA contemporary lately, WHAT?! I know, but I am so why not pick up one of the most hyped up books of 2015? (cue my hatred of it 10 pages in...).
I've also ordered SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki, which I believe is a bunch of short comics, which is arriving tomorrow and should fit in perfectly for a readathon (which can be my alternative for the SFF genre if I don't make it to Steelheart).
Double also, I want to get back to read some fresh material on audio, and have recently purchased The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, and Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris from Audible, so I may also throw some non-fiction into the mix (especially as non-fic tend to be shorter recordings, oh yeah, I know what I'm doing...).
I'm totally psyched for this readathon now! If you want to join in the hashtag is #genrethon, and it starts this Sunday (April 10th!).
If you've read any of the books I've mentioned in this post, TELL ME ABOUT THEM! Or just tell me where you think I should start below!
Have an awesome weekend guys!

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