Monday, 4 April 2016

Top 3 Free, Fun and Fabulous Self Care Apps!

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Today I want to talk to you about the super important topic of self care. Specifically, easy, fun and quick ways to increase your general health and wellbeing. I have been struggling with a lot of changes over the last month, hence why I haven't blogged, so I thought it would be an excellent topic to come back to!

So lme introduce you to my top 3 FREE fun apps that I've discovered recently that are helping me, take care of me!


1. Productive*

Purpose: to help you get things done!

How to use: Simply pop in all those mundane tasks that you put off (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc) and pop in each day to swipe right to mark it as done. Set reminders to remind you throughout the day/week.

Benefits: depending on what you chose to track, it can help you improve you physical and/or mental wellbeing. Breaking things down in manageable chunks, makes it more likely they will get done and will make you feel happier when they're done!

Download it because: it has a super easy to use interface, it's easy to integrate into every day life and get things DID! 

*while there is a free option for this, it caps how many habits you can include (5). It can still be useful with the cap, all you have to do is limit it to 5 things you want to increase doing! However, I paid for the full version (one off payment), and it's been worth every penny. One of the best organisational apps I've came across in a long time of looking!


2. Breathe 

Purpose: short mindfulness tracks that help manage emotions and anxiety

How to use: pop in to the app, and either pick a exercise from the list, OR even better, tell the app how you're feeling and the app will recommend a exercise suitable for your feels!

Benefits: It can increase focus, reduce stress, improve sleep, lower your blood pressure AND alleviate symptoms of IBS for starters!

Download it because: it has a super easy interface, you absolutely do not have to purchase anything (the free tracks are actually better than the paid ones! I know, I've tried them!) and it's good to be chill! I also like how it asks how you're mentally and physically feeling so you can pinpoint causes of (in my case) anxiety and IBS symptoms.


3. Plant Nanny

Purpose: to increase your daily water intake (in the most fun way possible...!)

How to use: simply pick your plant and your pot, and pop in to the app after each glass full to "water" your plant, by pressing and holding the glass icon on the screen!

Benefits: Increasing your water intake can improve your complexion, increase concentration, prevent headaches AND prevent muscle cramps and strains when exercising!

Download it because: it's so cute! And super easy to use. Basically, you drinking water can drink super adorable plants, that grow when you drink and wilt and die when you don't! So get those cute, pokemon like fake plants watered!

I love apps and find them super useful, I use at least 10 apps on a daily (probably more, no joke), so I'd love to do some more top app posts so if there's any kind of apps you'd like to hear about (organisational, wedding planning, social media, blogging, hobbies, exercise etc, etc) let me know below!

Also, let me know if you've tried any of these, I can't be the only one who find these fake plants adorable, no?

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