Friday, 20 May 2016

Zbox Marvelous May 2016 Unboxing!

Hello lovelies,

I have something a little bit different for y'all today; a Zbox Unboxing!

For those who don't already know, Zbox is a monthly subscription service for geeks, each month it includes a t-shirt, Zbox magazine and an assortment of wonderful geeky items including Pop! Vinyls, comic books, key rings, puzzles, key rings, socks and books among other things (see previous Zboxes here) for a maximum price of £19.99.

I am planning to do a review of the service overall, however the post was far too long (hint: it ain't good) so I've decided to show the contents of this months box today, and do the full review of the service in the next few weeks!

This month's box was the Marvelous box and to say I was excited was an understatement because if you didn't know I LOVE MARVEL! I am still on a total high from Civil War (I will have to review it because it was just so freaking good!) but for now, let's see what was in May's box!

So here's exactly what I seen what I first opened the box!

And then after I had a good (5 second too excited) look at these, I saw this;

And once I stopped hyperventilating at the spotting a book about Spider-man I managed to make it look all pretty and have a really good look at everything I got!

Pop! Vinyl Captain America Civil war Crossbones Bobble Head
Disney Infinity 2.0 Rocket Raccoon Figurine
A Lucky Dip Marvel Bag Tag 
Spider-man Character Encyclopedia
Visit Asgard T-shirt

I was actually delighted with the contents of this box. The t-shirt is absolutely amazing, the picture does not do it justice, every time I look it I spot a new detail. I love that it's like an old style holiday advert!

I'm always happy to see a Pop! Vinyl in my box, however out of the selection they put in the boxes I would have probably preferred one of the others - though this is incredibly detailed. 

The Disney Infinity figurine is a bit weird, as Disney have just cancelled Infinity. It's either really bad luck or Zavvi being savvy (oh the lols). I'm not bothered though, I LOVE Guardians of the Galaxy and my nephew has one anyway. 

I was more than happy with the book, Spider-Man is my all time favourite superhero dating back to my childhood, and I love coffee table books (my husband and I have quite a few geeky ones) so I think I may have literally done the heart eye emoji face. 

I was quite happy with the bag tag, these are always really handy to make your suitcases more noticeable when you're pulling them off the carousel and I love the wee cute Silver Surfer I got!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention the Zbox magazine which unlike most, I actually really like have a nosy through. It's full of silly and fun facts about the topic of the month and I like that it has the tshirt design on it and how it looks like an actual comic book. 

However, despite all of the amazing goodies, the best part for me was this quote in the bottom of the box it's one of the best Tony Stark snarky lines from Age of Ultron and it made smile when I saw it;

Did you receive the Marvelous May box? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments and links to your unboxings below!

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