Friday, 17 June 2016

30 before 30! - A 3 Year Review!

Hello lovelies,

Today I was looking through some old posts for my new Retro Returns feature and I found this little beauty that I wrote several year ago, and I thought it might be fun to revisit it with you and see how many (if any!) goals I have achieved in the last three years (especially now I'm less than 3 years away!)

Let's take a look...

2013 Carlyn said she would like to achieve the following things;

Me, myself and I

1. Be happy with myself regardless of what size and shape I am!
2. Find an exercise I love
3. Find a hobby I love
4. Learn how to sew and do proper alterations by myself
5. To get my IBS under control
6. To grow my hair super long! (Vain I know but it hasn't been LONG in YEARS!)

2016 Carlyn says: I really love reading, and over the past few years I've very much fell back in love with it, also I'm loving blogging right now. In terms of happiness and IBS I'm as far on as I think I'll ever be. In terms of my hair I knocked that target right on the head!

Family life

7. Move out of my parents (should be this year!)
8. Buy a property
9. Get married
10. Have a baby
11. Buy a new car
12. Own a pug dog!

2016 Carlyn says: since writing this originally I've actually lived in two different houses. We are hoping to start saving for our house very soon now that I AM MARRIED (it was an amazing wedding by the way past Carlyn). It'll be another year or two before I can afford a new car, and I don't think I want a pug anymore but I'd still love to own a dog, although I'm not sure how important it is before I'm 30!

Work and education

13. Graduate Bsc Psychology with hons
14. Further my education (either masters, Phd or additional courses that will help with jobs)
15. Get a full time job in the field (Psychology)
16. Be on route to be in a job I love
17. To be free from frivolous debt (I.e. the debt I'm in now that doesn't involve my car!)
18. To be proud of what I have achieved and where I am in life regarding my work and education

2016 Carlyn says: I graduated with hons last year (a 2:1 thank you very much) however I haven't been able to do my masters yet because I simply can't afford it. I do still want to carry on and do it at some point, although I'm not sure I'll manage it before I'm 30 now!
In terms of my job it's not necessarily full time and while not directly in Psychology it is very much related and I absolutely love it so two birds, one stone!
I've done pretty well with my debt in the last few years, I only have my overdraft and the car debt I was taking about will be paid off in the next year or two! Go me! I'm very proud of everything I've achieved so far, and I'm very proud of where I am now, though I wonder if that will stay the same over the next few years?!

Adventure - destinations

19. New York
20. Paris swapped for Cyrpus in 2016
21. Tokyo
22. Seattle (to finally meet my American family!)
23. Ireland 
24. Iceland 

2016 Carlyn says: well this one definitely give me food for thought! I'm not really surprised I haven't achieved any of these yet (I was skint student until last year and I'm afraid of flying!), but they really haven't changed much. I don't want to go to Paris anymore so I've knocked that off in favour of a recent aspiration I have achieved: Cyprus (I loved it!). I doubt we'll make it to ALL of these in the next few years but I guess you never know!

Random aspirations

25. Write a novel (I've always wanted to! Crazy but I don't mind...)
26. To have a walk in wardrobe (wishful thinking!) swapped for having a nice garden in 2016
27. To not live in my hometown (a must!)
28. To see Black Swan performed by the Scottish ballet company swapped for seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show live in 2016
29. To take part in continuous charity work
30. Make my parents super proud of me regardless of why 

2016 Carlyn says: I always wondered if I was wrongly overexcited about moving about from my home town, but now I've lived away I can safety say I was not at all, I still love that I moved away! (even if it wasn't far).
I spent 4 years volunteering at the Blurt Foundation before starting working there, and I plan to take up some more charity work this year.
Also, I realise now my parents have ALWAYS been proud of me, so that was a cop out (though they were very, very proud at my graduation and wedding!) so I've added in something new! To be honest it's hardly likely I'm overcome anxiety altogether but I'd love to be managing it better.
I don't care too much about having a walk in wardrobe, or seeing Black Swan performed so I've decided to swap this out too.
I'd still love to write a book so I'm keeping it in, although I don't think it'll happen in the next 3 years!

That was a really fun exercise, I'm going to do this again in 2 years and see where I am! In total I have so far achieved 13 of my 30 goals in the last 3 years, so I'm almost halfway there!

Do you have any goals you'd like to meet? 20 before 20, 30 before 30, 40 before 40? Or am I missing something really fun and obvious?! Let me know below!


  1. Well done, good list :D I just need to think of my other 10 things... haha xx

    1. I've probably forgot loads of stuff! But I've got the main stuff I think. I found it easier to break it down :) xx

  2. You can totally do this no sweat!

    1. Fingers crossed! 6 years seems like hardly any time when I look at this!! Haha xx

  3. Great idea for a post! All sound great and you can definately do them all. Now I just need to think of mine too :-)
    Lianne x

    1. Thanks hun, it's really fun to do but it takes a while to think of them all! Haha x

  4. This sounds like a really good list :) I'd love to travel the world eventually & find some amazing places to experience :) I'm only 20 just now - turn 21 in September but i want to score a few things off my mental list in my head :P
    I think i'll try writing one up just to see if i can do them :)


    1. It's really fun thinking about all this stuff although I think I might struggle as I only have 6 years left! Haha xx

  5. Great list and totally achievable!xx

  6. It'll be hilarious at 30 if I look back on this and can't tick anything off lol xx