Friday, 24 June 2016

Blurt Buddybox Unboxing June 2016

Hello lovelies,

Today I am bringing you an unboxing of the latest Buddy Box from the fantastic and fabulous Blurt Foundation!

Now as you folks might already know I work with Blurt. I've been there for the past few months after four years of volunteering with them, so they are of course a organisation very near and dear to my heart and I am OF COURSE bias, however I still think the Buddy Box is amazing idea in it's own right especially with so many people struggling with mental health issues.

For those of you who don't know, the Buddy Box is a monthly box filled with items that help us take care of ourselves. You can buy these as a gift to cheer up a friend or family member, or you can #TREATYOSELF. Personally, I think they are perfect for both!

There are two different boxes, the full Buddy Box (which is what I have here) costing £21.50 which contains at least 5 items and the Buddy Box Lite £12 which contains 3 items. The Blurt Foundation also offer you the opportunity to "donate" a box as a random act of kindness which is just awesome!

So let's get into the goodies!

Clippers Mint Green Tea
Panda Eye Mask
Letters to my Future Self Activity Book
Retro Multi-colour Pen

I have to say I was delighted with this month's box. As many of you know I suffer with really bad stomach problems and mint tea is really useful in helping alleviate some of the symptoms. I thought the Panda Eye Mask was adorable, and came in perfect time after some very sleepless nights.

The best part of this box by far though was the Letters to my Future Self Activity Book. I love things like this. Basically it's a self contained time capsule. It provides you with the paper and envelope (and ideas) to write 12 letters to yourself, you then pop a date on and seal them up. It all stays together so it's less likely that you will lose it. I think this is a really important tool for anyone struggling with mental health problems, as part of what gets me through the day is a) knowing I've had better times AND b) knowing I've got through worse. I also love the retro pen, it reminds me of childhood AND gives me something to write my letters with!

I know from personal experience how much thought and love goes into every box, but even without my knowledge I think it's obvious the box is thought out, sit down with a relaxing cup of tea, to write the letters to yourself, using your pen, then relax with your panda eye mask. 

Have you heard of the Blurt Buddy Box? I'd love to hear your thoughts below! 

I also urge you to go check out the Blurt Foundation and all the fantastic work they do, I love my job, and have the utmost admiration for Jayne Hardy (founder).

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