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TV Guide: What To Watch on Netflix UK: Episode 3!

Aloha lovelies,

I thought it was about time for another episode of What to Watch on Netflix UK! I've been meaning to talk about my current favourite comic book TV shows for the longest time, so if you're looking for something new, or just want to know where to start with all these comic book TV series, then I have watch you need!

Also, for fun, I've added in some nostalgia, because what is Netflix perfect for if not reminding you of the excellent, cheesy shows you adored in your teens?

As always I have three amazing picks for you, but from this episode onwards I am offering up a top pick (which means you absolutely, definitely, HAVE to watch it regardless of whether you like the sound of it or not!). Not that I like to pick favourites, but if you're going to take heed of my advice and watch one of these magnificent shows, then let it be this one...


While the DC movies fail, the DC TV shows are thriving. Gotham now has two seasons under it's belt. Unfortunately only the first season is available on Netflix, however it's a good way to dip your toe in the water to see if you like it!

Gotham is based in the Batman universe, before Batman was Batman and just a little known kid called Bruce Wayne. The focus of the show is mainly on a lowly gets-shit-done detective by the name Jim Gordon, as he fights crime in a way only Jim Gordon can.

I was delighted to see Ben McKenzie (of The OC fame) back on our screens and I think he did a great job with Jim. I really feel that the whole series casting is so on point. My favourite characters so far are Selina Kyle, Penguin and a certain Mr Nigma...

This is dark, gritty and sometimes witty. If you like any crime dramas, or any of the other comic book TV shows right now, this is one for you. Perfect for comic book newbs and fans alike.

It can get a little graphic at times so proceed with caution if you struggle with that!

Finished watching that? Now watch...

Jessica Jones

To be honest, it was really tough to pick between Gotham and Jessica Jones for my top spot and I really think you should watch this too.

Jessica Jones a lesser known reluctant superhero from the Marvel universe, she drinks, she scowls and she really isn't that keen on using her powers for good. It's unlike most of what we've seen from comic book offerings on TV/in film and I was delighted and surprised by Krysten Ritter's brilliant performance as the reluctant and tramatised Jessica.

Again this is a series that is cast marvel-lously (pun intended), David Tennant never fails to amaze me, but Mike Colter steals the show as Luke Cage. If you've read any comic books featuring Luke, you'll know just how on point this casting was, and I can't wait to watch his solo gig coming out this autumn.

The only negative I could possibly say about Jessica Jones is that I felt it took a good few episodes to get going, but once I was in I was hooked till the end.

It's hard to compare Jessica Jones to anything I've seen before, however if you have enjoyed the Daredevil series I highly recommend giving this a go. I think it'd be a great one for those wanting to get into the comic book buzz, because it's not typically "comic-book-esque" it spends a lot of time focused on just general human interaction.

It can get a little graphic at times so proceed with caution also, also it's worth mentioning that this is potentially triggering for DV survivors.

And when that's all over you'll need a little break from the grit so how about a little...


In all that dark we need a little light. And there's nothing lighter than the old dinner-time favourite: Charmed. I loved this when I was in high school, and while it's dated badly, I still love it!

For those who don't already know, the show features three grown sisters living separate lives until their grandmother dies and they find out they are witches, hilarity and tragedy ensues. This is one with plenty of lighter moments, and no gore (well not really) so if you can get past the cheese factor and you've never watched it? Now is the time as Netflix has all 8 seasons available.

What are you waiting for?  Go watch then come back and tell me who your favourite sister is!

What do you love to watch on UK Netflix? recommendations below please!

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