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Wee Movie Review: Bridget Jone's Baby!

Hello lovelies!

So last night I had a wee mate date to go see Bridget Jone's Baby. I really love these movies (although I didn't like the books as much) so I was super looking forward to it, and I thought I would let you all know what I thought while it was fresh in my mind, because I'd heard some less than favourable thoughts on it!

And the movie is obviously Bridget Jone's Baby!

Give me a plot... 

So this film is the third in a series. In this installment, Bridget is in her early 40's and single (again!). She meets a lovely new American chap (the perfect McDreamy, or in this case "Jack") and at the same time runs into a lovely old (very English) flame (the perfect Mr Darcy, or in this case... Mr Darcy!).

While enjoying the company of both gorgeous men, Bridget ends up pregnant, with no idea who the dad could be and classic Bridget Jones hilarity ensues!

What I disliked...

OK, so let's be honest Bridget Jones is a romantic comedy and normally there is lots for me to pick at but I was surprisingly totally charmed by this installment.

The situations Bridget gets herself into do require a little bit of eye-rolling, and yes Renee Zellweger HAS had cosmetic surgery and got older (big fricking woop!) which seems to be the main complaint from must, it was still as silly and funny as always.

One thing that I genuinely couldn't quite get over, was Bridget not practicing any kind of safe sex with a one night stand. It's not a great message, but obviously, the film wouldn't have worked as well without it, so you do have to kind of let it go, and let's be honest, these things do happen - just not an ideal message for any younger viewers!

What I liked...

I liked that pretty much every character from the original films were included. I think the way the Hugh Grant situation was deal with brilliantly, and really fitted in with the typical Bridget Jones style.

I loved the edition of McDreamy, and it was really tough figuring out how you wanted it to end!

Viewing Bridget Jones is really a group experience, and I have to say sitting in a full cinema with everyone laughing the whole way through (all ages, men and women alike) was just bloody great fun.

If I was watching this at home, I'd probably have a lot more to pick at, but my opinion is, if you don't go in with too high expectations, you're going to have a lot of fun.

Also, I think anyone who has not seen the first two could easily see this and not be completely lost without them over-hamming the flashbacks which I thought was really smart.

Out of 10 I give it...

7 out of 10

marking it for what it is, this movie gets a solid 7/10 from me. Losing some marks for being a little unoriginal and not exactly life-changing, but for goodness sake we need some easy comedy sometimes don't we?!

What say Rotten Tomatoes...

Rotten Tomatoes tends to agree with me on the whole, it gets a good 77% on the tomato scale, which I think is right on the mark!

Bridget Jone's Baby is still out in the cinemas so catch it if you can!

Have you caught out with the most recent Bridget Jone's installment? What did you think?? Let me know below!

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