Wednesday, 5 October 2016

5 More Favourite Youtubers!

Hello lovelies,

Today I want to share the love, well the love of youtube that is!

Back in December, as part of my 12 Days of Blogmas, I did a post all about my favourite youtubers, and now (as promised!) I want to share some more!

I love all these channels so they are in no particular order, so if you haven't already please check out this lovely lots videos and subscribe to their channel!

Elena is so very down to earth and lovely, it feels like you're sitting down to a cuppa with a friend. I love how varied Elena's book reading is, and there isn't a genre she looks down on. She does all my favourite kind of booktube videos, but also mixing it up too. For example, below is her Jane Eyreathon Wrap Up which I thought was a brilliant idea!

Books and Lala has fast become one of my all time favourite youtube channels. Miss Lala churns out quality content like no-one else on booktube, while reading so many books! I always know I'm going to get a honest review from this channel regardless of how Lala comes about the book. Lala is friendly, fun and quick witted and I always enjoy settling down to watch her videos.

Below is one of many great videos, discussing short story collections. Basically everything went on my TBR and I bought 2 books immediately after watching this recommendations.

Beware - watching Books and Lala WILL increase your TBR pile...

I started following Hilah Cooking so long ago, but it took me ages to start actually watching the videos, does anyone else do that? Just me? Ok then...

Hilah is so funny and shares some great recipes, half of which I've never even heard, or thought of doing. My absolute favourite videos though are the "put it in my mouth" where viewers sent her food stuff from their native lands to try. I love Hilah's reactions, her facial expressions are amazing and she really will try anything! 

Basically I just want to say Elizabeth from Books and Pieces is adorable and I love her, but I should probably say more shouldn't I?

I started watched Books and Pieces to get some more science fiction recommendations, and Elizabeth did not disappoint. Reading mostly science fiction and fantasy (but with a dash of most other genres) Elizabeth's reviews are always fun to watch. I love when she goes the extra mile and gets dressed up for her videos, and I really enjoyed her discussion of my biggest bookish bug bear, the goodreads star rating system.

Below is one of my all time favourites videos though, all about gothic parodies!

Lastly, we have my favourite yoga channel; Yoga with Adrienne. I spoke about this channel last year, when I did the 30 days of Yoga challenge. I really love yoga but I find a lot of the videos of youtube aren't for me, they're either too advanced or not down to earth (somewhat ironic) or they don't give enough instruction for me to feel like I'm doing it right (and without potentially hurting myself)

Yoga with Adrienne is the exact opposite of all of that. When I'm doing her videos I feel like I'm hanging out with a friend, and there's never been a video I can't follow. Adrienne always offers alternates for almost every move, and lots of her videos are short and sweet so you can easily build up your skills and stamina over time.

The video below is one of my favourites; a little goes a long way - which is so true when it comes to yoga. 

Who are your favourite YouTubers? Do you have a channel? I would love to check out some new content so please feel free to leave your links below so I can check them out!

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