Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Blurt Buddybox Unboxing - October 2016 - Cosy Night In!

Hello lovelies,

Today I have a very exciting unboxing for you - the October Buddybox!

Being behind the scenes*, I knew that this box was going to be flippin' brilliant, but it still managed to exceed all my expectations!

The theme for this month was Cosy Night In - which I think is just perfect for this time of year, and anything with that title has me hooked right away!

So enough of my chatter, let's get into it shall we?!

How cute is that saying to open the box to?? I then saw chocolate and I was already sold...

Let's unpack a little further shall we?

Oh look at all that amazingness!

This month's box contained;
  • Some Super Cosy Socks
  • The Little Pocket Book of Mindfullness
  • Blurt's own #365daysofselfcare post its
  • Duvet Fort Architect Iron On Patch
  • Gnaw Hot Chocolate Stick 
  • Super Cute Postcards (including a contents list!)
  • Adorable Blurt mini-zine! 
All for a pretty sweet £21.50!

The socks are so thick and cosy, I'll definitely be wearing them with my boots this winter! I was so happy to get a re-fill of #365daysofselfcare post its and I love this design - you can see me using them on my Instagram - @smokingpeaches.

I'm planning on buying a plain tshirt to put that patch on because it is SO cute I need it on a T-shirt ASAP! I also can't wait to curl up with some proper hot chocolate and read my little book of mindfulness. There's always ideas in these books that I've never thought of, and they definitely help me in my recovery. 

I'm loving the adorable new zine with interviews and fun things to do!

As usual I think this would be an incredible gift for someone you know who's struggling, or if you're struggling yourself this is a big hug in a box. Something to look forward to every month, and they always have the habit of turning up exactly when you need them...the magic of the buddybox!

If you fancy this whole box (and it's contents!) for yourself, you can pick up a special one-off October Buddybox in the Blurt shop!

Did you grab a Buddybox this month? What did you think? What would you like to see in a self care box? Let me know below!

*As you folks probably already know by now, I work for the Blurt Foundation (we are pretty awesome - go visit us!) but I think Buddyboxes are brilliant regardless and I love receiving them every month!

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