Friday, 4 November 2016

Try a Podcast Challenge!

Hello lovelies,

I have been seeing many variations of the "Try a Chapter Tag" on youtube recently, and I really wanted to do it here on the blog. However, I just felt that I wanted to do something a little bit different with it, but I wasn't sure what.

The other day it struck me that I was trying out a bunch of new podcasts after asking for some recommendations on twitter and I realised it would be a perfect twist to the classic tag, so welcome to the Try a Podcast Challenge!

I've actually tried to get into podcasts a few times, and it's never really worked. However, a few months back I started listening to Tom and Lorenzo's Pop Style Opinion Fest (which I highly, highly recommend by the way) and I decided I really wanted to find more, but I never really had the time.

This is mostly because I'm quite obsessive with attaching a rule to thing, so for example, I listen to audiobooks in bed/going to sleep (which is when some people listen to podcasts) and I can't stand the idea of changing that routine. I listen to the Opinion Fest when I'm having my posh Lush bath once a week, and I don't want to change that either. The rest of the free time I have I spend either with physically reading books, or watching TV, so there just never seemed to be time to listen to them.

However, I work from home, and I've been trying a lot of things to establish some comfort and routine. I originally listened to spotify acoustic playlists, but I got bored listening to the same playlists over and over (I now listen to these when I'm blogging). I tried audiobooks but I couldn't concentrate properly. I then thought to try podcasts, and lo and behold I love it! It gives me a sense of company and it doesn't really matter if I tune out at certain points (unlike audiobooks).

Now that ramble is out of the way, let me get on with it!

The way the Try a Podcast Challenge worsk is; I'm going to try a selection of podcasts, then I'm going to tell you a little bit about them and whether I'm going to continue listening. I'm hoping to make this an on-going series, so today I'm going to talk through 3 podcasts I've tried so far!

The SRSLY podcast is brought to us by the News Statesman and is hosted by Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz. The podcast features a variety of topics mainly books, TV and film, and is very relaxed and informal.

I was really pleasantly surprised by this podcast, as I just came across it when I was searching for another. Caroline and Anna are quite relaxed and are very enjoyable to listen to, it kind of feels like meeting with friends for coffee. The topics are current and relevant, and find the balance between the heavier tough stuff and the fun stuff.

I have since checked out a few other shows, and I thought the in-depth discussion on Harry Potter was brilliant (if you're a Harry Potter fan, definitely check it out!).

Verdict: I will absolutely be continuing to listen to SRSLY!

I feel like RuPaul's What's The Tee? with Michelle Visage is a really well known one, but I honestly didn't know about it until I seen the finalists from All Stars 2 appearing on it for the show!
Ru and Michelle have amazing chemistry on Drag Race, so I was really expecting big things.
It's a little different from the others I've listened to so far, in that it's Ru, Michelle and generally one guest. So it's more of an interview set up, with Ru and Michelle talking about life too.

I love it! it is so much fun. I listened to the Aubrey Plaza one at work, and then went for a walk later on that night and tuned into the Elvira one and I was actually cackling walking along the road.

The only thing I would say is I would probably be less inclined to tune in when it's guest I'm not interested in, so I probably won't listen to every single one like other podcasts I love.

Verdict: I totally will be continuing to listen to Ru and Michelle!

It was sheer coincidence that the day I decided to upload this, Books and Blankets uploaded their first show, and I wanted to give it a listen and include it in this post because I love these two!
Books and Blankets is hosted by the lovely ladies from Mercy's Bookish Musings and Lauren and the Books who are two absolutely amazing booktubers. 

This podcast is focused mainly on books and cosyness as the girls put it, and that is so my jam. From what was said in the first show, the girls will focus on 2 or 3 topics per podcast, that will mainly cover bookish and lifestyle topics.

This first podcast was absolutely brilliant and I was not surprised. Again, like SRSLY, it was like meeting for coffee with friends. In fact, I think it felt even more personal than that which I think it an amazing achievement, especially for the first show.

Verdict: I will obviously be continuing to listen to Books and Blankets and I can't wait for more episodes already!

I'm so excited that I loved the first 3 podcasts I'd set aside for this, and I'm already excited about posting another Try a Podcast Challenge!

I'd love it if people took part in this challenge so if you do please link me below! I'd also love to hear your thoughts if you decide to tune in to any of the above podcasts, and most importantly I'd love your recommendations for future posts, so let me know your favourite podcasts below!

Thank you to those on twitter who responded the other day also, you're awesome!

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