Thursday, 15 December 2016

Office Christmas Party Movie Review! [12 Days of Blogmas]

Hi lovelies,

It's day 3 of #12daysofblogmas, and I, of course, all of sudden have a cold. Out of nowhere. Seasons greetings and all that!

So today's post is going to be a super quick review of this year's cinematic Christmas offering which I saw recently and actually quite enjoyed! Say hello to Office Christmas Party, the movie!

Now I'm sure we've all had to endure some variation of the "office Christmas party" in our time, and they rarely go particularly well in my opinion, and of course this film encompasses all that could possibly go wrong at the annual do!

The story goes, a brother and sister own a company, the wacky unreliable brother runs one branch while the super serious bad ass sister runs the rest. The brother fails in his running of the branch, so of course the sister tells him the Christmas Party is cancelled, and unless he can secure a new (completely out of their reach) top client, she's cutting almost half the staff.

Hilarity ensues as the brother and his rag tag bunch of reliable underlings decide that throwing an amazing Christmas party is the best way to entice the representative of such top new client (because of course that's how it works!).

As long as you don't take this film at all seriously, it's actually pretty enjoyable. I love Jennifer Aniston in bitch mode, and I love that the film itself doesn't take itself too seriously.

I also freaking love the fact that this is an adult Christmas movie that is NOT a romance film. Making it perfect for a crowd. My husband and I went to see this with our friends and there was definitely something in it for everyone.

For me personally, Kate McKinnon was the stand out, and I officially love her just like everyone else now. Obviously T.J Miller was hitting all the right jokes, and I was super excited to see Rob Corddry, I love how perfectly he can land a line.

The laughs are obvious ones, but they are there and they're big ones too. Yes, I went in with low expectations, but to be fair, I do that pretty regularly, and I was fortunately pleasantly surprised by this one. It's the perfect antidote to all those corny Christmas romances I've been reading lately!

In a year that has been so undoubtedly crap the whole world over, it was nice to go into the cinema for a few hours and just forget all about it.

Do you fancy seeing this? Or is it a hard pass for you? Let me know below!

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